Wednesday, March 25, 2020

a time to sew

hee hee, o goody, time for us to do good for the world and sew again.

hurry up duk duk and put the pedal to the metal.

these  mask covers aren’t gonna sew themselves, u know. and i already told mom we would make and donate a zillion of them. :)

I really hadn’t planned on making mask covers for the pandemic. I’ve read all the same things you have about how ineffective they are. But what really clicked is when I read a fb post that indicated a need from some area houspitals for mask covers, to hopefully allow our healthcare workers to prolong use of their commercially made n95 masks. And possibly a need to use other types of fabric masks behind a face shield. I get it, these are imperfect solutions to an imperfect problem. But all the signs were there that tiny chumley and I needed to join the growing movement that is providing last line defense for those who need it. My years of hoarding fabric, getting stuff that spoke to me but did not yet have a purpose,  and holding on to scraps from projects gone by.  

Some of our friends might recognize the some of fabrics in our first batch of mask covers. They are the bits and bobs of bias tape left over from our dapper doxie dud making days, made so long ago now that sadly, we’ve had to say goodbye to a few of them. But now, their memories can live on, serving yet another magical purpose.  

I’ve chosen first to make a version of the instructables  ab mask cover pattern designed by a nurse. But very quick and ezpz mask patterns abound, one of the more popular being the deaconess mask tutorial.  If you are inspired to sew masks or mask covers as well, know that there is likely an organization that can help not only with supplying materials, patterns, skills, but also matching up / getting your finished masks to those who have expressed a need for them. Search in facebook for a face mask warrior group for your state, or google online for face mask warriors. And I’m sure there are other organizations as well, or more direct conduits for donation if you prefer that as well.  

Physically divided by social distancing, know that we can still  come together and make a difference. :) 


Lovable Lily said...

How wonderful & heartwarming to hear you're making these! We went grocery shopping very early this morning for 3 elderly neighbors. We all need to do our part.