Monday, September 14, 2020

showdown at the nopies corral

yeah? well we’ll see who’s heat cave this is. just u wait, mini cootie cassie patootie bottoms, when mom comes down she’ll tell you  - o wait i think she is here.. 

see mom?? i told u it was an emergency.  o and after u show her the door, me and duk duk are going to need two space suits and at least eleventy gallons of full strength hospital grade sanitizer. o and probably at least thirty zillion hand wipes :)


Jane said...

Baxter, did Mom help mini Cassie out the door? Do you think you might could try to be friends? She is very cute.

Brian said...

Wouldn't having girlfriend be nice to have and share your bed with? Come on start with a hug and sniff and see what happens.