Wednesday, January 13, 2021

who why or how :)

nopies, mom, i have no idea who, why, or how the bathtub got filled up with yellow jello.  but sure was a brilliant i mean awful idea. because...i mean, say if u r a wolf that does not know how to swim really and your best toyfriend falcon can, well, this way u could swimmy swim together. sort of. finally. in yellow jello. but..not really. because i am sure whoever did that was not stinking i mean thinking the way we would. i mean, i am sure there are a zillion reasons why someone else would fill a tub with yellow jello, dontchoo think?  but now that it is there, do u think maybe me and duk duk could try it before u clean it out? :) 


Anonymous said...

Uh, oh! Did your mom turn her back on you for too long, Baxter??

Little Wisconsin Klaus