Monday, March 1, 2021

but real wolves know :)

the little dachshund’s senses tingled as his dad put him on the ground. everybuddy thinks that the season that comes after winter is spring, the little dachshund slyly grinned as he crouched and approached his target. but real wolves know that the real season that comes after winter is rabbit season. :)


Anonymous said...

You go get'um, Baxter!!!

Little Wisconsin Klaus and his mom, Krista

Anonymous said...

You IS the smartest wolfie, Ferocious Wolfie, EVER!
You is also the sneakiest wabbit hunter too.
Spwing after the Wabbit maybe? Love you Mr. B!

Brian said...

I bet all those wascally wabbits are shaking in their boots now that spring is near!