Monday, July 26, 2021

smell and tell :)

even though it meant he had to wake up earlier, the little dachshund enjoyed his summer morning walkies very much. of course there are many obvious reasons to go walkie in the morning, the little dachshund thought to himself, like, mostly because it is cooler out, and stuff like that. but probably the most important reason to go walkie in the morning is, i can smell and tell what everybuddy had for dinner last night. :) 


Anonymous said...

Happy trails to you, Baxter!

Krista and Little Wisconsin Klaus

Brian said...

You are so right about the early morning walkies Baxter, as it so hot when your chest is only inches above that road! My boys are always out year round before 10 am and than the mid morning nap.

Anonymous said...

The early wolf catches the bunny!