Friday, September 24, 2021

tiny tomato stand :)

um, yeppies, smello. i would like 2 order one late summer cherry tomato meal for me and one for my dad please, miss walk up window lady. o but make mine a mega meal with xtra smelly sauce on the side please. no, none for my dad today. he is smelly enough. but i will take his smelly sauce if xtra smelly sauce costs xtra. or if not, then i would like three, no, four smelly sauces. o and no napkins, we plan in chomping them as soon as they are ready . 

hee hee hee, this is going 2 be so delicious! boy, what’s with the service here it is taking forever! o finally…

dad… dad hold on 2 it tight and make sure u do not drop it. there’s nothing worse than a dropped tomato. u never know who’s been walking on the ground around here nowadays. 

dad.. dad..i really think u r doing it wrong.. 
if i can just help u hang on a sec..

okay now just put it right in my mouth, dad. u can have the next one :) 


Jane said...

Your cherry tomato meal looks good Baxter, especially when you add your sauce. 🙂

Brian said...

I never knew wolves ate tomatoes, but good for you Baxter eating so healthy!

Anonymous said...

My little Klaus loves tomatoes, too. This year he has little yellow ones.