Monday, November 22, 2021

just add money :)

dear diary, 
as u might can imagine, me and duk duk managed to use up a lot of mom’s toner printing all the money we needed to run our day to day fun. so, then we thought, why not print up credit cards? because then we can spend even more and not have to worry about anything. except for maybe how to keep together our money and our credit card and my pedal driver’s license, and well, everything for when we go on our adventures. so that is why me and duk duk asked mom to help us make the gazillionaire adventurer’s wallet, a slim, minimalist 4 pocket wallet hand stitched with the finest vegetable tanned italian leather scraps! and i am so excited to tell u that we liked ours so much, that we asked her to make some for cyber brown wednesday so our friends can enjoy them, too.  i really like them a lot because the slots look like hills and mountains, and of course there are teeny weenies running all amongst them. o! and, to add to the genius of our idea, every wallet ordered on cyber brown wednesday will come with its very own eleventy zillion gummy note and poopie snake credit card, so you or your lucky gift receiving recipient can become an instant gazillionaire, just like us. hee hee, welcome to the club. 

anyhoo, here is a peek at a few of the card wallets we will be offering and do not be alarmed if we do not blog posty regularly this week, what with us being busy making etsy listings and then eating and well, mostly eating really. which reminds me, i would also like 2 wish u a very happy thanksgiving! okay now i really must sign off and help mom with the listings before duk duk’s family arrives. 

toot-dley doo!
b :)

hee hee, and i thought they were pretty on the front side :) 


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh! Such wonderful wallets! And it comes with gazillionaire money too! Baxter, you'll have to start your own crypto "poopie" currency one day!

Felecia said...

I love them! And gazillionaire money? Who can say no to that! Happy Thanksgiving, B and duk duk.