Wednesday, June 22, 2022

ergo :)

well, what if i only put one ferocious paw forward, like this? because i stink, i mean think that i would still be listening because even though i am technically moving, i have not really moved from my spot. ergo, i am still staying, just like u asked me to. only this way a wolf would be readier to, u know, not stay. for when u say okay :) 


TheTucsonTrio said...

If I had to guess I would have said it looked like you were practicing the Hokey Pokey!

Anonymous said...

Dear Baxter,

I believe that is a perfect strategy. I have adopted that same perfect move and it works for me.

Your friend,
Little Wisconsin Klaus

Brian said...

It looks like you are waiting for a treat to be handed out!

Anonymous said...

Baxter puts his best paw forward!