Monday, November 21, 2022


It seems like every so often something came up this year that made makeys a lesser priority for tiny chumley and me. There are trays of holding heart components prepped before the pandemic that await my deciding when to take orders so they can be finished and sent to good homes, brass boxes that need etching, leather that needs ordering, growing stashes of interesting things I’ve scored that need thinking about, and cards that need designing and printing. So many things in our makey world have not gotten my attention this year.  But tiny chumley and I realized a few weeks ago that some traditions must hold fast, and no year, no wolfy life,  is really complete without the spectacular spectacle that is Cyber Brown Wednesday and all the holiday makey that goes with it.

Hopefully, you’ve been able to follow us on social media and heard what tiny chumley and duk duk’s latest genius makey for cyber brown wednesday offers. Heard, because this year’s set of teeny weenie wonderlands take a thematically inspired Austrian Von Trapp musical turn, featuring music in the form of a wind up mechanical musical movement that plays Edelweiss, or what baxter and duk duk have renamed and rewritten as Edelpoop. Because it’s Cyber Brown Wednesday. And it is their way. 

The shop update doots for these teeny weenie musical wonderlands will be happening in two batches of five, the first releasing as always at noon and the second at nine pm eastern standard time on the Wednesday after Thanksgiving, which happens to be November 30th.  There hopefully will also be some other goodies of a budgetier nature  (psst - can u say third tiny book by baxter and duk duk? that u can also use as an ornament on your tree? and some other things that we can’t spoil just yet) but if they don’t make it in time for cyber brown wednesday, we’ll have another doot at a later date once I’ve got the little kielbasa’s birthday cake and crown squared away.  Because someone will be turning a very wolfy 16. 

mom, speaking of which, can my crown this year be shaped like a meat rocketship and my cake be bigger than my head? :) 



Brian said...

Very cool!

Teri Hobbs said...

Beautifully done! Can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful creations!!

Krista and Little Wisconsin Klaus

Anonymous said...

Very cool 😎

Anonymous said...

Edelpoop! Baxter -- you're a genius!