Monday, January 16, 2023

this is the way :)

well, mom, a wolf is not begging really. because everybuddy knows the first popcorn bowl of the new year has 2 be shared with everyone, especially ferocious wolves. it is the only way to guarantee health and prosperity and well, u know, deliciousness. :) 


Gretchen's human said...

you are so wise

Brian said...

My boys like popcorn also , but aren't as ferocious as you Baxter! In fact my boys are big

Anonymous said...

Popcorn must be ferocious wolf approved! Popcorn phoophiness must be tested by a phoophie professional!

Anonymous said...

Dear Baxter,

ALL bowls of poopiecorn must be shared in some way shape or form! No two ways about it. Don't you agree?!

Your Wisconsin dachshund friend,