Tuesday, December 12, 2023

today i am seventeen

hee hee ooooOOOOooooOooo! hey hey, mom, hurry up and put it down here where a wolf can see already!

oooo, made with teeny weenies and thrifted vintagey goodness.

finest quality, superior workmanship…

truly pooptacular! and it is just how a ferocious wolf envisioned it!

um, so i know duk duk and chocobot and lulu the tiger and lil pink puppy are not back yet from princess prettypink’s holiday partyrama but u think maybe i can try my birthday crown now? uknow, just 2 make sure it is ferocious enough? 

hee hee, wait’ll everyone gets a load of me!

hee hee, ooo, i thought a wolf was feeling  ferocious before, but this birthday crown is 
totally taking it to the next level! i cannot wait til duk duk gets - 

uh oh, a wolf is feeling tingly tangly woofy - 


um, mom, can u maybe make my crown maybe seventeen percent less ferocious? just enough so a wolf can still enjoy his meat cake 
without, u know, eating his toyfriends. :)


Linda B said...

happy birthday to you!
happy birthday to you!
happy birthday dear ferocious wolfie sweet boy Baxter!
happy birthday to you!

from miss linda, jackson, and inca
sending birthday love to you!

Saundra Romanus said...

Happy Birthday Baxter!

Lovable Lily said...

Wishing you the very happiest birthday Baxter. You look wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Happy Happy birthday to the most distinguished and ferocious wolf! Wishing you the very best with many more birthdays to come!

Brian said...

Congrats to the greatest doxie in the world, we love you buddy!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sir ferocious Wolfy Baxter! you are always fabulous!

old lady said...

A most happy birthday!! And many more!

SamCookie said...

Happy birthday, little long-distance buddy! Wow, seventeen! We hope you keep going and make it to 18, like two of my dachsies in years past.

Hugs and slurps, Don, Lulu Belle and Winnie

ShellePenn said...

It seems just like yesterday I found you and Duk Duk, Chocobot, and the rest of the gang. You've become 'my' dachshund now that my 3 have passed through to what lies over the bridge. If you bring your pawrents 1/4 of the joy you bring me, then they hang the moon on your most ferocious yet boopable snoot.

Here is to many many many more, Mr. B.
Shelle :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Baxter,

Little Wisconsin Klaus and I want to send our very best and happiest 17th-birthday wishes to you. The wishes may be late by a day, but they still carry the same love and meaningful wishes.

Through the years, dear Baxter, you have brought many smiles and laughs my way!...thank you so much!!


jeff said...

I wish I was still Seventeen! Congratulations Baxter! May there be many more!