Friday, May 25, 2018

f e r o c i o u s

ha ha very funny, mom. everybuddy knows there is no such thing as a bark button and even if there were, wolves would not have one because we are f e r o c i o u s. that’s right, ferocious. :)

(ps - we are hoping to have a supedoot fair probably june 3rd or so, so stay tuned bc we are not sure how nuch advance notice we will be giving on account of us being so busy making like, everything!)

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

advanced smellfare :)

“, miss debbi.”

omg, duk duk, looky at what miss debbi sent us!

have u seen anything more perfect for us? it’s candy, it’s a poopie, it’s a fan - it’s a candy poopie fan!

hee hee hee, peeee-eeew! duk duk, i thought we agreed, no secret stench foo- hang on, r u stinking what i am thinking?

hee hee, do it again, duk duk. i bet with this thing, we can blow our stink all the way to poopbuktu! :)

Monday, May 21, 2018

eeny meenie hiney ho

well, i guess u can, mom. but u should know that hiney chomp chomps are a quarter each. o, and the foofies are free. :)

Friday, May 18, 2018

an aye for an eye

mom, i feel like all my life has been leading up to that moment. like, well,  me, earning all my badges in pupscouts, and all the patrol walkies we've been on. and. um, toyfriend club, of course, which i can't really say much about.  but, i mean, seriously, my point is...

 ..every wolfie knows when the Peeing Bush gives u a bunny, no matter how small he is, u chomp it. which i did fair and square. but then when i pulled it out of the bush, u screamed so i dropped it. and then the baby bunny hopped away.  so, yeppies, i do think i deserve at least as many snackies as would have filled my tummy if i ate him. and i would like payment in full now, please. :) 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

something borrowed something blue :)

hee hee, what do u think, duk duk? is it too pretentious? yeah, i guess u r right. it is a daytime wedding after all...

o i know, how bout this? simple, yet stylish! and easy 2 disco dance in, u knwo, for the after party. 

yeppies, i think this is the one, too. now lemme ask mom..

mom, do u think we can borrow your credit card so me and duk duk can book our tickets to london? prince harry and megan’s wedding will not be complete without a ring wolf and a ring falcon. :) 

Monday, May 14, 2018


hee hee, yeppies, mom, i can be a statue. see? :)

Friday, May 11, 2018


the little dachshund stopped what he was doing and looked up at his mom. “nopies,” he said with his eyes big and wide, “i was not planning to skip school at all today and especially not to go play in the the creek with duk duk. what makes u think i would do that?” :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

rocket boots

well, mom, because the only avenger who goes barefoot is the hulk. and, i can totally use them when me and duk duk climb mount everest this summer. :)

Monday, May 7, 2018

finders eaters :)

hee hee nopies, duk duk, i am pretty sure this one has only my name written all over it :)

Friday, May 4, 2018

mister mystery bug

the little dachshund waited patiently for something exciting to happen. if only he was born maybe a little less ferocious, he thought to himself. then maybe the bunnies would still be willing to visit his yard. and then he could chase them again and...then he realized he could never be any less ferocious than the bunnies could ever be less wary of him. he could only be who he was and right now besides being ferociois, he was also b o r e d. and then, it happened.

a mysterious bug landed on the window and the little dachshund could barely contain his excitment. “o mister mystery bug, if u r what i think u r, may i please smell u?”

”why of course,” said the mystery bug, who by now was becoming less and less mysterious.

“why thank you, mister mystery bug. i promise i will be gentle.” the little dachshund drew a deep breath and then squealed with delight. “it’s true! it’s true! just like teacher told us. u aren’t just any mister mystery bug. u are mister stink bug!!”

”why yesss i am,” said mister stink bug. “it is nice to finally meet someone who appreciates my stink as much as you seem to.”

“i sure do. sometime when my toyfriends and i are playing guess whose foofie, i hope u can join us, too. we can make some pretty doozy smells but nothing as doozy what i smelled just now! mister stink bug, before you leave, may i please ask one more favor?”

”of course, my new and treasured friend,” said mister stink bug. “in fact, if it is what i think it is, you do not even have to ask. just go ahead, it’s okay.”

“hee hee, thank you mister stink bug,” said the little dachshund as he extended his neck out as far as it could go. “i cannot wait to tell my mom about my day.” :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Saturdoot is coming :)

..hee hee, well let's not count our snakeys just yet lil pink puppy. but yeppies, if we help sell them all this Saturday on Saturdoot at noon and nine pm EST,  then mom said we can have all the proceeds! and u know what that means - we can refurbish our trebuchet and goto the candy store and probably have enough left over to get flames painted on the pedal car.  well., i mean, if we are good about not spending too much on gummy worms.  which is probably like,, maybe instead of spending money to paint flames, we can just ask mom if we can borrow some paint and chocobot can provide the glitter if u know what i mean. hee hee yeah, chocobot.  wait, what's that, lil pink puppy? really? u think so? which one?

oh yeah.. i see what u r saying.  i guess even though they are all different, they are all like that really, what with the ferociously cute little wolfie dangle on each of them.  i mean, his face is almost as expressive as mine is, right? yeah, for something so deceptively simple in concept, well we all know how much work goes into making them, but for something so simple sounding as a gilded fetching stitch brooch,  there is so much depth to them when u think about it. so much meaning behind it. and look at all the texture and colors.  they are all so pretty, it's like take everything good about spring and summer and roll it up on a stick.

and, well, who says u have to pin them on your clothes, especially if u r like me and half of the year u go nakey nakey except for a collar? i mean, what do u do then?  u could put it on your book bag or a pillow or display it in a shadow box, or just keep it by your computer and play with the dingle dangle while u wonder why every day isn't take your wolf to work day.  yeppies, i can totally see why these would be good mother's day pre-..

-sents.  mom, did u happen to make an extra one for us to gi-, um, i mean, do u have a fav-,  is there one we can keep borrow for, well, um, no special reason? we promise we would give u back 2 sunday. :)

Monday, April 30, 2018

the fetching stick :)

tiny chumley was more than happy to oblige this past weekend after he had exhausted the possibility that a bunny might be in our backyard. fetching? for snackies? uhm, like, yeppies!

The grass had grown long enough that sometimes he would lose sight of the stick i threw and bring back a different one, or sometimes a leaf, or sometimes nothing, accusing me ever so politely of a ruse i did not commit, and fully expecting his payment in full.

I like to think that every little wolf owner has a story about fetching. Some little wolves love to fetch. Others, like tiny chumley, fetch out of a certain kind of love, and others, love not fetching at all.

This week tiny chumley and I will be working on Etsy listings for our newest creation, a series of vibrant gilded fetching stick brooches, made with carefully fetched and aged hardwood sticks, gold toned leaf, hand formed pin assemblies, colorful pretty bits and bobs collected over years of making, and each adorned with a dangly little weenie pup whose pose and eyes pretty much adorably say it all.

I love how these little pretties turned out. You might also say they are quite..fetching! Ha I suppose that’s why I usually leave the marketing to baxter and duk duk. Who most defintely will be working the channels this week to get the word out so do stsy tuned. The doot, by the way, will be this Saturday the 5th of May, at noon and nine pm eastern standard time.
Happy Monday !! :)

Friday, April 27, 2018

every wolf knows

Tiny chumley happily buzzed about the backyard yesterday morning, sniffing his way through chest high grass and periwinkle, with his tail held high and perkily wagging to and fro like the hips of a dashboard hula girl. This time of year, it’s not the digging that interests tiny chumley so much as it is the smells, the faint, molecular trails of evidence that validate what the little wolf inside him already knows to be true - bunnies. Somewhere. But not sure where yet.

When the little kielbasa is in wolf mode, there’s no calling him to come back so we can go inside. There’s only me, and my gas mask, and the billion quadrillion pollen particles that I attempt to dodge as I go get him. By the time I reach down to carry him home, his displeasure is expressed by his little ears, pulled back and pasted flat, and ready to tell all who would hear his protest, Time to go inside isn’t dictated by sneezy moms, every wolf knows. Time to go inside is after you catch the bunny.

Luckily, forgiveness is only a lunchy lunch bowl away. And while I spent the afternoon toiling away on my
computer, tiny chumley blissfully slept by my side, snug as a bug on a sheepskin rug. :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

wolf sized

..well, mom... i was just thinking that..well... i mean, i know we started this when i was little, but i am practically a full grown wolf now, so i was just thinking...

well i was just thinking that maybe
it is time that me, u, and dad got a bigger bed, dontchoo think, mom? :)