Monday, March 2, 2015

backseat eater

(ngarrrgharrr) chuck that burnt frenchy fry back here, mom, i am not a picky dog! :)

Friday, February 27, 2015

someone 2 lookup 2

Just like the middle child whose older sibling has moved on to college, Baxter now seems to find himself the big wolf among his circle of neighborhood puppy friends.  It's a role I think he accepts with a begrudging mixture of glee, denial, and impatience.... :) 

whoa whoa! okay cassie i will show u how 2 do it right but u have GOT 2 stand over there, no exceptions.



more...more..more..okay that's good.

okay so. three things.  one - all legs firm on the ground like this. but that does not mean u cannot b creative. for special angles or to achieve shading effects, u might try putting a paw on a rock or a tree root, or even a turtle if u r lucky enough to find one this time of year. 

 two - lean in.  if u r in it 2 win it then u must take your time and if u have to take your time then u must get comfortable. otherwise it's just dribbles everywhere. 

three -  i sort of mentioned it in two but it deserves its own talking point.  take your time. don't just pee it all out as fast as u can because then u just melt a hole in the snow.  

okay that's all i've got time 4 because i told duk duk we would meet him by the frozen creek so, yeah, good luck with all that and please tell little miss julia i hope her leg feels better.  

bye little miss sarah!

doop bee doo, doop bee doo, doop bee doo...yep this weather sure is exhilarating! i can see why a ferocious wolf likes to walk in this stuff.  so fluffy and white and minty fresh! i mean, if cassie can do it, then i sure can cuz i even have a coat. i mean, it's not blue puffy jacket like dad's but still, i have my sweater and my  fur and yep, yessiree, walking in this snow sure is fun. i could do it, like, all day lo- what? gone? r u sure sure mom?

 last one home is a rotten poopie snake!! :) :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

the amarillo express

hurry up, dad, it's time 2 make some yellow snow! :) :)

Monday, February 23, 2015

me and dad, and puffy jacket makes three

dad, next winter, do u think I could get a puffy jacket, too? :)

Friday, February 20, 2015

thursday was another snow day :)

hee hee now remember, mom, our foothold in the north is severely threatened by the early onset of winter. our men have only three weeks rations and a raven from castle black has indicated trouble is coming from beyond the wall.  our negotiations with little miss julia targaryen are critical and the utmost of secrecy and privacy must be upheld here in our camp. no one must know she is talking with us.

 oo, i think she is here.  will you please show her to the lovely heat cave we just finished for her,  whilst duk duk and i finish our nice cup of hot monkey chow cider? i will be along in just a minute...

mmm that's good chow...



remember, mom, do not under any circumstances listen in on our conversation.  the fate of two houses depends on the success of our negotiations.

...hee hee hee! no hit the right button and then hit the left button and..jump! juuuuump! ooo now dash..nice! oh u missed the golden ring but that's okay the giant should be along any minute and if u dash him u get like way more tear drops than...eeek - no, u fly by holding down on the jump button until u -

ummm, well mom, we plan 2 start our negotiations like, after we earn enough teardrops to buy the pink robot unicon attack armor.   does she really have to go home now?  :) 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

baxter and duk duk's super short stories: The Winter Wolf

The ferocious wolf sauntered across the icy plain, oblivious to the chill and crunch of the snow that had fallen the night before. Not much snow had really fallen, he realized, but he knew it was enough.  The yellow snow he made earlier that morning assured him of that.  He quietly chuckled as he delighted in the memory what he and his duk friend were able to write in the snow, all while keeping his wolfy nose and super spidey senses focused on the task at hand.  Rabbits were always easier to track after snowfall.  Tonight,  there would be rabbit stew. :)

Monday, February 16, 2015

cloudy with a chance of snow

nope...nope... o there i see one! aw nopies just a feather...nope...nope...nope...nope...nope...nope
...nope...nope...nope...nope...nope...nope...nope...nope...nope...o maybe!. rats nope just some dryer lint..nope...nope...nope...nope..nope...nope...nope...nope...nope...nope...nope...nope....nope...nope...

Friday, February 13, 2015

a dog and a duk walk into their school to hand out their homemade valentines...


hee hee, it sure was a good idea to make our own valentines this year, dontchoo think, duk duk?


i mean, sure it took us a lot of time to  think of what to say,  and then it took us forever to design them on the computer...

and here it is early friday morning and we are still trying to finish them up. but  a) everybuddy's who's anybuddy's bound to agree they're comedy gold, b) this year at school, we can finally give something back to all the mushy cootie contaminated girls at school, and c) we can also remind said girls about what is most important about valentine's day too.  espcially since mom will not let us bring our cootie fallout shelter 2 school. it's a win win win really, dontchoo think, duk duk?

 and,  what with us using all the right pleases and thank yous and all, well, surely we will not get in trouble with teacher for handing them out. if there is anything at all i have learned from watching house of cards, it's that manners are everything when u have something important 2 say.  anyhow, i think this was the last valentiney to cut so..

duk duk, u finish punching all the lacy stuff around the edges...

and i will start coloring all the... oh snap, is that the time i think it is? quick u get everything together and tell chocobot n lulu the tiger n lil pink puppy to be ready in three and i will....moooooooooom!

mom, sorry 2 use my outside voice but may we please have a ride to school today so we can finish our valentineys in the car?  :) :)


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

scenes from a sunday brunch with mister comedy himself :)

...forever let us hold his banner high, high, high! come along and sing along and join the jamboree, p-o-o, p-i-e, s-n-a-k-e. Poopie snaaake, Poopie snaaake!..Poopie snaaake, poopie snaaake...boy, I am glad grandypops gave me the comics to read but it sure seems like brunchy brunch is taking forever to get ready..doopie doo, doopie, I know!

hey, gramma and unkie - would u like to know what mom is making us for brunchy brunch today? 

garrrrrgh - see food!!  :) :)

hyuk hyuk hyuk! 

um, yes mom I just made an uncouthy see food joke even though I promised not to anymore, but in my defense, the opportunity was too good to pass up. :) :) 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

soupe pour un tout petit loup :)

oooOOOOooOOOOoooOOOOOooOOOoooooo! chunky chicken water!! merci, maman :) :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

service please!

hey, service please, snackie mom lady! is this thing even working? sheesh, i know we are getting ready for grandma, grandpa, and uncle's visit this weekend, but what's a pup gotta do to get a snackie around here? :) 

- baxter, 8.2 years old, on making sure his tummy's needs are known, and why he will not be able to post as much in his bloggy world until next Wednesday.

Monday, February 2, 2015

scene from a winter walkie

hee hee, no dad, it is totally real. come walkie with me over here and I will show u. :) 

Friday, January 30, 2015

doot doot doot means: boxes tonight :)

dear diary,
yippee! although I will be sad to see them go,  I am very happy that me and duk duk will finally be posting mom's Valentine's day litter of teeny tiny treasure boxes tonight because a) hopefully they will all be adopted into wonderful homes, and b) our science project is due Monday and once again we will have nothing 2 show unless mom lets us go to the aquarium to borrow the baby whale we need to film making a poopnado in our bathtub. which she said she would let us do - well, the go to the aquarium part at least - if we posted all the boxes today. which we are on schedule to do at 9:00 pm est tonight.

anyhoo, I should get going but before I do, I just wanted to tell u that I am pretty sure I now know why little miss Julia had a tiny pink cupcake in each of her hands when she visited last weekend because with a certain degree of authority I can now tell u that those cupcakes were probably quite delicious. and I can definitely tell u that mom's hands are still slightly faster than my tongue. oh well, maybe one day little miss Julia will drop one. well I hope to see u at 9pm tonight!

b. :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

doxie hear, doxie do :)

well, mom, if me and duk duk promise 2 try and get all our new teeny tiny doxie treasure boxes loaded on friday to etsy...well,  if we get all that done, do u think maybe then after that we could go to the aquarium and ask if we could borrow a baby whale? we would not have 2 keep him for very long - all we want 2 do is film him making a poopnado in the bathtub. :) :)