Friday, May 22, 2015

friday night lights

..hee hee, first let me say, pato pato, i am so glad u and anka anka could come visit us this weekend! and that's right, since none of us have our blindfolds with us, duk duk and anka anka will go first and we will have 2 guess what they ate. if we both get it right then they have 2 give us each a gummy worm and we get another turn.  if we get it wrong, then we will have to give them each a gummy worm and it is their turn to guess.  the team who gets the first threeve consecutive answers correct before mom tells us to stop wins.  if mom tells us to stop before either team reaches the goal then the game is a draw and we follow secret rendezvous protocol number alpha tango ocho to meet at the new location to start a new game.  if a player runs out of foofie, he can call on his teammate to substitute for him.  if both team members fail to produce a foofie within the agreed upon sixty miss-a-poopie time limit, then the other team gets to decide whether or not the empty team's time limit can be extended, and if so, the other team also gets to decide the means by which they can earn the extension. if the other team decides against time extension, then the empty team must fork over 1.5 gummy worms for each loss on their next turn.  and, if at any time a poopie shows up, the pooping team must collect it, categorize it, seal it carefully, and donate it to our impressive poopie museum. and then game immediately goes into spin and speed overdrive, which needless to say, involves spinning and speeding.  any questions? :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

baxter and duk duk's teeny tiny tales for puppies: no grabsies, no chompsies, no messy kerplompsies :)

"oooOOooOooOOOooo!", the little dachshund exclaimed when the smell of what his mom was cooking finally settled down to the level of the tippy tip top of his upwardly pointed nose. "corny corn on the cob!!"

Wasting no time, the little dachshund quickly readied himself for what he knew was going to be his special after lunchy lunch surprise. "hee hee corn on the cob - first of the season!" He anxiously but carefully tucked his napkin under his collar and positioned himself by his little orange table. "two steps away, just like mom says i should be."  Nothing was going to delay his little treat if the little dachshund could help it.

The little dachshund waited and waited and waited, for what seemed like at least sixty seconds of forever.  "i must remember my manners, i must remember my manners," the little dachshund reminded himself over and over again.  "no grabsies, no chompsies, no messy kerplompsies." His heart beat faster with each passing second.  "i must remember my manners.  no grabsies, no chompsies, no messy kerplompsies." His ears pricked when he heard the lid placed down on the counter top, but the little dachshund stayed focused. "i must remember my manners. i must remember my manners. no grabsies, no chompsies, no messy kerplompsies."

With each passing moment, the words rang through the little dachshund's head louder and louder.  By the time his corn arrived, the words filled his mind, like a water balloon ready to burst.  "i must remember my manners.  i must remember my manners..."

"no grabsies..."

"no chompsies..."

"no messy kerplompsies!!"

Needless to say, the little dachshund's plan did not go exactly has he wanted it to go, but he and his mom and his tummy ended up very happy anyway, because sometimes all the best you can do is try your best, and you get delicious corn anyway. :)

Monday, May 18, 2015

the wheels on the bus go round and round

...almost there...almost there...

(skreeeee thud!)

hee hee, there. I think we are parked now.

okay everybuddy, we are here! please be careful unloading your luggage as items may have shifted during parking. on behalf of Redwolfduck bus transportation services, it has been a pleasure driving you and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day :) 

Friday, May 15, 2015

canned ham

hee hee and that's why u should never let an octopus borrow your pedal car.  hey, mom, do U smell ham? I think smell ham.  I wonder if this place has a ham in the oven. because if they do not, I think I have ham in the oven they can borrow.


I said, I think I have a ham in the oven they can borrow.


oops, never mind. 

hee hee hee hee hee!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

little cutie face :)

hee hee, okay mom, u can kiss my nose but may I please have a snackie after? :) :)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

happy mother's day :)

hee hee, to all the moms in this world
and for all u do,  me and duk duk just want 2 say....

...this lick's 4 u!

 happy mother's day!! love, baxter and duk duk and chocobot and lulu the tiger and lil pink puppy :)

Friday, May 8, 2015

i spy

A certain tiny bunny has made it its habit to munch on the grass in the yard across the street most evenings, which of course means a certain tiny dachshund has made it his habit to watch said rabbit, hoping and wishing and longing that he could nab it. :) #HappyFridayFriends

this is a test post but u may as well look at it bc the pictures are funny :)

hello my friends, it's me, baxter. i am just trying to figure out if Facebook is constipated or something else changed, so me and duk duk thought we might share some funny that might have been missed from our etsy listings.   

and just in case you were wondering, mom is planning to make more tiny pooper poop bag dispener and snackie holders and walking weenier wiener walker compact cross body purses once we get through a few outdoor projects currently under way. so stay tuned my friends! :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

chalking :)

What happens when only half of a pair of  eight year old buddies has an iPhoney...

moooom, I think I'm gonna need more chalk! 

Monday, May 4, 2015

there will be #poopiedoot :)

Hello my friends, it's me, Baxter, your roving rover reporter, reporting to u today on some very special additions and surprises coming tonight at nine o'clock PM EST to my mom's Kalyxcraftopia Etsy shop.  Now, everybuddy knows the first rule of makey design and product development is to start with what u know and love, and figure out how u can add your own unique voice to it.  Like, u know, how a dog bowl is a dog bowl but some just seem way awesomer than others because they speak to u in some way?

So, when mom asked me and duk duk earlier this year if we could help her develop a new product for our shop, we started with this simple rule.  And, well, you know how me and duk duk know poop and snackies, and we know how everybuddy seems to like collecting poop and eating snackies?  We decided to design this for mom to make - (dunt da dahhhhh!) - say hello to our super cool, super new, super funny and super cute Tiny Pooper poop bag dispenser and secret snackie holders!!

Me and duk duk will be busy working on the etsy listings all day today not only for our first litter of Tiny Poopers, but also - for our friends who like to carry more than just poopie bags and snackies on their walkie, like, say maybe also an iphoney and keys and stuff, - we sized up our design and developed our new Walking Weenie Wiener Walker compact crossbody purse, which we will also debut tonight at nine o'clock PM EST.   So I hope u will watch for the #pootiedoot and be there because we have been busy coming up with awesome slogans and everything.

This is Baxter your roving reporter wishing you the Poopiedootiest of Mondays! :)

Friday, May 1, 2015

we borrowed a napkin

Tiny chumley's eye seems to be healing up pretty nicely, despite the night he decided to do a little head rub on the floor that seemed to loosen his already dissolving stitches.  Soon, I think, we can stop treating him like a precious little egg, but I am pretty sure he's thought all along that the only egg that should be in the room is the one that he should be eating. :)

ummm, well mom, just getting ready to play pirates and poopers with duk duk and chocobot.  and, well, i lost the coin toss and we could not find my eye patch so, u know, we borrowed a napkin. :)

Thursday, April 30, 2015

and the answer is...

hee hee, and the answer to yesterday's guess me if u can is... the tiny one!  :) :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

guess me if u can

hmmmmm, decisions decisions..... 

Monday, April 27, 2015

blow hole

o nothing mom. just pretending 2 b a whale. :)

Friday, April 24, 2015

twinkle twinkle tiny toes

twinkle twinkle tiny toes,
how I wonder where you go,
up and down such little feet,
walking on some dreamy street,
twinkle twinkle tiny toes,
how I wonder where you go. :)