Friday, March 24, 2017


Needless to say the weather has been a bit of a roller coaster lately, but even when there is a chill in the air, it won't stop two little friends from making do with a cracked open window and enjoying the delightful smells of spring. :)

hee hee, o yes, i do smell that, duk duk. with maybe just a hint of cheese and .. (sniff sniff) .. (sniff sniff sniff) ...... (sniff)... pork chop. definitely pork chop. boy, i wonder if the stinky bassets' mom n dad even know they snitched one.

oo yes - the wind is changing! (sniff sniff sniff) grassy...earthy...ez-pz that's bunny! i wanna say maybe 7:30 ish. probably behind the poopie snake museum annex over by the walrus reflecting pool. but not so close that it commingles with the special warning turds we left for kitty under the viburnums. (sniff..sniff) eeeeeew. yeah that stinks...

yep i agree, duk duk. spring would definitely be nicer without all the flowers stinking up the air. :)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

where there's a wolf there's a way

When I am focused on makey at my workbench or side table, there aren't too many places a little wolf can stand and visibly get my attention, but nevertheless he manages to find them, and I feel his gimme snackie rays focus on me like a sunbeam through a magnifying glass . :)

hee hee, snackies...give the wolf some snackieeeeeess...

Monday, March 20, 2017

thanks mister jim :)

hee hee hee. omg, duk duk, can u believe how wonderful our friends are? i mean, how lucky are we that mister jim would send this to us before we even knew we it was something we would want? which trust me, if i knew u knew i knew we knew we wanted it, santa would have totally heard about it by now. but mister jim is even better than santa because it's like, he pretty much knows what we would enjoy without our having to be good all year or write a letter or anything like that. and we do not even have 2 wait til christmas. yessiree, that's what real friends are all about.

it's too bad today's monday and we have to go to school because i can just smell all the fun we would have today - what's that, duk duk?

hmmm, o yes, i see the truth of it. i mean, it's the least we can do, right? it's practically our civic duty. let me ask her...

mom, (cough cough) me and duk duk both seem to be coming down with something and rather than infecting everyone at school, do u think we could stay home today?? :)

Friday, March 17, 2017


Happy St Patrick's Day.  The fridge decided to act up yesterday so the we're a little shore on green today, but that doesn't stop us from sharing some adorable fun with chopsticks, featuring a certain little happy go lucky wolf :)

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

hold me, like u did by the lake on naboo

well, mom, i guess we can, but u have to promise not to tell duk duk.

especially since technically, this outfit is pink, and princess amidala technically never ever wore pink. not in star poops one two or three. and u know what a stickler duk duk is for detail. i would never hear the end of it.

Monday, March 13, 2017

seven bean monkey chow chili


....oooooh. pheeeeeeeeeew!

kaaaack! mom, i never thought i would say this but...

well, for reasons that will become olfactorily obvious just about any moment now, can u please open the window? :)

Friday, March 3, 2017

please stand by :)

Thanks everyone for giving so many swirly glitter weenies good homes! tiny chumley and I will be filling orders, working on a couple special projects, and catching up on real life next week. Our posts and interaction may be reduced, but as a certain little wolf likes to say, do not worry. and please save a piece for me :):)

Happy weekend and next week, friends !!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

wednesday's doot is full of woot :)

hee hee, yeppies i am happy how our swirly glitter weenies all came out too, duk duk.  

what a stroke of luck that chocobot and his unicorn friends decided to have their pre-easter eatsterparty at our heat cave the other week.  i mean, we both know that chocobot can really make a massive pile but who knew that a group of unicorns can make like, literally an olympus-sized mountain glittery poop. and in all sorts of colors too. yeppies, even our museum was not going to be able to hold that much. we were really lucky they used their magic to help us bottle some for our swirly weenies, weren't we? 

my favorite combination? well, i surprise myself by saying this, but i am not sure i have just one.  i mean, on the one paw or wing, u have the chocolatey poopie brown series, and they are all actually very pretty - not just the poopie gold and browns glitter mix which everybuddy pretty much knows i would like, but the other ones too - falcony greens and blues, and even cootieful pinks and reds. those combinations we made all go nicely with the brown they way grass and tomatoes do when show up on the back end if u know what i mean.

and,  on the other paw - no wing - we have the princessy purple series, with your choice of unicorn purples and holographic glitter, falcony greens and blues, and of course cootieful pinks and reds.  i just want to swirl them all and stare at them forever, dontchoo, duk duk?  what's that, oh right.  sorry mom 2 keep u waiting. let me go ahead and finish getting ready so we can get this photo party started and get everything ready to post for this Wednesday. it'll only take me a minute, mom.... (shuffle , shuffle)...okay that's on nice n snug.

now one last thing. i think i have my lines pretty much memorized, but, duk duk, if u would just hand me my script, we can tape them to the back here where i can see them if i need a remin-


-der. wait, what??? mom, we can't lose the mask.  u said this time me and duk duk had full creative authority on this project and what with spring and easter coming up,  i mean seriously, what better time for a ferocious bunny to be selling these sparkly incredibly awesome -

...okay FINE, he says with frost visibly dripping from his words if that were only a thing in real life.  but, a) the change notice is going 2 cost u 5 extra gummy worms for each of us  b) we are going to need an extra 20 minutes to prepare and c) can u please go downstairs and get my purple plaid top hat while me and duk duk write and rehearse our new script? 

okay, c u in a few. 

hee hee hee, that went even better than i expected.  and, thanks to the fact that we totally already wrote our plan b script ahead of time,  now we have a whole 20 minutes to goof off. :)

(hee hee, don't miss tomorrow's doot for our super special sparkly swirly glitter weenies, let's say around 11:00AM EST. and please remember, as these goodies are partly made from glass and contain small parts, we like to think of these as goodies for grown ups.  please enjoy responsbily. :) )

Monday, February 27, 2017

a wolf walks into a banana store...

...well, i don't know. it probably looks okay, and it is very comfortable, but...hmmm.....


do u have anything in a full banana? :)

Friday, February 24, 2017

etsy fresh: always take time to smell the swirlies :)

dear diary,
i am so happy about all our new spring goodies,  i do not even know where to begin! well, okay, maybe i should begin with the super cool new cards me and duk duk have just added to mom's etsy shop.  because guess what, we just added 5 new cards and 60 percent of them have 100 percent of my tushie on them! and this time,  mom even let us come up with our very own, way much more practical slogans on them.  u know, like this one, from our important reminders in life series. always take time to smell the swirlies. 

we even made a mooshy love card for that special someone in your life, because valentine's day should not be the only day u tell your loved one how much they smell.  and, our last new tushie card, is a smello card. i only wish we could have made it scratch and sniff, but i guess that is a project for future me and duk duk.

oh, and do not think we forgot about the other important holidays coming up.   i mean, we already offer a lovely st patrick's day card and four whole easter cards, but u know, everyone has a ton of moms and dads or people they think of as moms and dads,  and we thought, hey, let's also make and post our supercool new mother's day and father's day cards.  and so we did, which you can score along with all the other cards we mentioned by visiting

oooo! and, say maybe u r looking for a very special easter gift or well, u know, a teeny tiny treat or two or three hundred for yourself? well, sit back and enjoy the next thirty seconds because me and duk duk also finished our next super doot announcement.  the dootage will coming to our shop sometime in the late morning of this coming wednesday, march 1st. :)

hee hee, that's right.  finally a cool tiny glitter weenie for grownups,  that they can put on their desk or windowsill or anywhere a little sparkly swirly calming zen is desired.  me and duk duk like to shake and stare at ours up close so it feels like a kapoopiescope. and we could stare at it for hours.  which is probably why we did so poorly on our math test, come to think of it, but seeing as how mom does not know that yet, let's just keep that secret between u and me, okay?

anyhoo, we will be sharing more details on our glitter weenies, but if u like,  i should remind u that u can always purchase your spring and summer card needs now, and save on shipping by mentioning in the comments at checkout that u would like us to combine shipping with the swirly glitter weenies i just know u will score because we made like a ton of them. because every dollar saved now is a bog of gummy worms purchased later. :)

b :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

nyah nyah nyahnah poo poo

hee hee, hey, duk duk, guess who gets to go for a ridey to the park because he finished his homework already!

nyah nyah nyahnah poo poo!

wait, mom, what do u mean cassie is coming with us????

Monday, February 20, 2017

poopso facto

no u move it. u r the one that cut that big uknowwhat that made her leave in a hurry and if she never had to leave so fast she would not have left us in this predicament we are in. poopso facto, u touch it and u move it.

well, fine. if u are not gonna touch it, and i am not going to touch it, i guess that is it. i guess we are stuck here all day til mom comes home.

i sure hope tomorrow's as nice as it seems like it is outside today, dontchoo, duk duk?

Friday, February 17, 2017

halo :)

I love filters and photo editing software as much as tiny chumley loves chunky chicken water, but it's especially gratifying when a picture turns out all on its own, with happy rays of sunlight and a glorious halo highlighting what it seems we all could use a little more of nowadays - a calming peace, a comforting warmth, and of course, a generous dollop of cuteness.

Speaking of cuteness, here in behind the scenes world, tiny chumley and I have been furiously hand finishing what feels like a million tiny pieces of top secret coolness this week and the good news is that the hardest part is probably over. I say probably because as with all our fanciful little weenie makeys there are always aspects of haven't done it before so who knows how long it will take, but, with any luck, we will finish up and announce a doot date soon so stay tuned! And be on the lookout for some very special new cards, some of which were very obviously designed by a certain little mischievous wolf and his best falcon friend. So much fun, so little time! Have a super weekend, friends! :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

where there's a wolf there's a way :)

hee hee, yeppies duk duk, i think this is exact the extra height we need to get to the uknowwhat at the uknowwhere. yessiree, this is what happens when a hungry wolf brings his mom a perfectly good pair of shoes for her to wear and she's all thanks but nopies and then she goes off leaving him high and dry without payment in full. i mean, seriously, who does that? but u know what they say, where there's a wolf there's a way. and with this extra height surely we can finally reach the snackie jar ourselves and finally we can become self-suff... duk? hey, duk duk, where'd u -

whoops. um, hello, mom. nothing to see here really. u look nice today :)