Monday, January 26, 2015

nosey rosie

gee, well mom, it smells okay and all but maybe next time u make coconut oil body butter, well, maybe u can leave out the rose stink all together and oh, I dunno, add some salmon, or stinky cheddar, or maybe even just a touch of bacon.  definitely bacon, and definitely no more stinky rose. :)

Friday, January 23, 2015

plumpy in pink

With each passing day, the little pink bud grew plumper and plumper, ignoring the rain and cold and frost that shriveled less committed buds.   Patience was key, the plump little pink bud knew.  One day, spring would arrive, and the little pink bud would be there to greet it.  Exploding, as he planned to do, into a giant pink and smelly blossom. :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

picture poopfect :)

hee hee, okay mom, all u have to do is hit this purple button.

but wait until duk duk hits his mark and i jump out and scare him, okay?

oh, and u might want 2 wear a gas mask, because i am pretty sure things will get pretty smelly after that :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

ode to my blue ballie number two

o my beloved blue ballie number two,
it is not often we see each other, me and you,

u smell so lovely, and u are so smooth and blue.
let's play together and have some fun,

at least til i remember, where i left number one. :)

Friday, January 16, 2015

haiku friday: o glorious sun

o glorious sun,
how i have missed u this week,
my moon says hello.

- baxter, 8.1 years old :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

scenes from the playground :)

oooh, dad!  while we are waiting for duk duk to finish catching up with his cousins at the lake, may we please stop by the playground and see if the dinosaur is free??

yess! i cannot believe how luckee we are - finally nobuddy is hogging him! 

what was that, dad? oh, yes, that is probably a good idea.  when u text him, just tell him to meet us on the playground and say it is really busy. do not say anything about the dinosaur, it will be a surprise!



hee hee - choo choo! rawwwr! choo choo!...choo choo! choo choo!...

sheesh! duk duk should be here by now.  i bet that stinky rat stopped by the boathouse and got some gummy worms without me.  he better save me some cuz once he sees what i've reserved fot us, he's gonna owe me that plus..uh oh, big dog at ten o'clock headed right this..


uh, nope, sorry this dinosaur is taken.  besides, there is only enough room left for a duk and u r like, eleventy times bigger than me. the big dog playground is over there by the lake. yeah, yeah no worries...

..poopie breath.  

oh hey, if u see a one winged duk eating gummy worms, can u please tell him to hurry up???

Monday, January 12, 2015

etsy fresh: valentines for the rest of us :)

dear diary,
Yippee! I am really glad mom has given me and duk duk more design responsibilities this year because not only did our two new Valentine's Day cards turn out supercool with pictures on the outside and the inside, but they are also the kind of Valentines we personally would be very happy to give and receive to just about everybuddy.  especially the bottom one for obvious reasons, and probably we would give mom the top one for equally obvious reasons. 

anyhoo, u can read more about these cards and pick and choose from our entire collection of Valentine's Day cards - including the i heart u, kaack,  the return of our teeny tiny pocket sized valentiney sets and more - by clicky clicking on this WORD

 or clicking here

 I hope u will consider sending some bc me and duk duk are hoping to earn enough gummy worms so we can take an evening robot electronics class. 

b. :)

Friday, January 9, 2015

winter has come

dear diary,
sometimes I think it would be nice if me and duk duk were bears so we could hibernate all winter. and that is pretty much all I have to say about yesterday, because it was very very cold. and all we did was pretend to be hibernating bears.

b. :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

safe travels :)

safe travels, madwilly, my friend! i had a wonderful time and hope u did too! oh, and next time u visit, maybe we can play another duet and u can see me and duk duk's finished project at the library! :)

Monday, January 5, 2015

shampoo :)

mom, next time I have to take a bath, instead of the stinky purple flower stuff like we used this time,  do u think maybe we can try using the shampoo me and duk duk are working on? the firsthand batch should b done fermenting any day now. :)

Friday, January 2, 2015

hello 2015

dear diary,
yesterday I went for my first walkie of the new year, and I met a new puppy friend who is only seven and a half weeks old. her name is cooper and she is a girl and she was on the very first walkie of her entire life.  i am pretty sure I will be reminding her where to stand when she gets older, but for now I said she could stay right where she was, because I remember being a puppy and when u r little and new, the world can be a scary place.  and even scarier I would think when u find out u have cooties. 

b :)

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

goodbye 2014

Tiny chumley is quitely sleeping in his heat cave as I write this.  I am reminded of his forefathers, Kep and Padua, who in their senior years, slept much of their day away.  But the little kielbasa is not that old yet, I think to myself.  He's just waiting for something interesting to happen. 

Younger dachshunds often make their own kind of interesting happen when their moms and dads are busy, chewing on things or expressing their displeasure at being ignored in often wet and odorous ways.  But we've been lucky with Baxter.  Through praise and snackie love, we've been able to develop a language with tiny chumley that allows him to speak his mind and get our attention in usually more welcome ways.  Except maybe when there are no more socks or shoes to be brought, or when we are so deep in thought or makey that we fail to notice the sound of his tail gently thumping on the floor, and the sight of his little tummy being offered up for a belly kiss.  Except for those moments, when he knows that only a bark will do.

Tiny chumley turned eight this past year. The white hairs are sprouting up and lightening his face and paws in a slow but steady fashion now, and though they do little to keep Baxter from rocketing off in pursuit of a kitty in his backyard, they give me pause every time I see them.  The entrance to the tunnel of his senior years is clearly on the horizon now.  His future, if we are lucky, will be gift wrapped in slow, sleepy days filled with the sound of snoring and other uncouthy but welcome digestive noises. 

As 2014 comes to a close, I am grateful for having been able to share tiny chumley's evolving but always happy go lucky life, and our sometimes rather fantastical adventures in makey and toyfriend world.  I am grateful for the love and joy we both share and receive here in our tiny, insulated microcosmic cyber home. The new year will come, as it always does, with its own unique challenges and twists, and I hope we will see it through as we always do, surrounded by family and friends, with a waggly tail and a belly rub, and maybe just a bark or two. :)

Monday, December 29, 2014

doxie see, monkey do

see, mom, i told u a giraffe would come in handy. or a monkey with really long arms. how else are me and dad gonna install our new mini blinds from way down here? :) 

Friday, December 26, 2014

christmas morning :)

"He was here, he was here!" the little dachshund chirped to his toyfriends as he peered up at the packages that Santa knew to leave way up high and out of naughty's reach.

To be extra sure that these packages were for him and not for his mom and dad, the excited puppy got on his tippy tip toes and sniffed at them, growing more and more excited with every molecule of delicious scent he inhaled.  "I smell reindeer poop, and cookies, and salmon, and liver and sugar and stawberries and glitter and..oooh yes these packages are definitely for us! Come on everybuddy, let's get our of our jammies and ask if the little misses can come over to help us open them!"

There would be no time for the happy little dachshund and his toyfriends to pose for pictures once the little misses arrived.  No time for anybuddy to look up at the camera, or wait for it to come into focus.  Oh well, the little dachshund's mom thought.  Our Christmas morning pictures might be forever a blur, but the memories of this day for all of us will be crystal clear. :)

It seems practically all the pictures I took of tiny chumley from Christmas morning are an excited fuzzy blur. And that,  I suppose, is just the way things should be.  :)