Friday, December 2, 2016

little lap wolf

Without fingers and thumbs there isn't really much a little wolf can do to help with filling doot orders, and yet tiny chumley always manages to fill the most important job of all.

hee hee mom, do not worry if your legs fall asleep because at least i will keep them warm :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

cyber brown wednesday is today and there will be two doots :)

dear diary,
today is the day me and duk duk have been waiting for forever as far as cyber brown wednesday goes, and so I thought I would show u the things we will be putting in our shop today and tell you that we will be doing it in two doots, one in the mid morning during our lunchy lunch, and one in the late evening so that way we can stay up late and have a midnight snackie.

there are plenty of things i would like to tell you about our doots, but really we spent so much time writing our listings that i am pooped.  but i do want to tell u that even if u do not score a three wise poops, i hope that u might take the time to read one of those listings because we included an early draft excerpt from the companion book we hope to be working on soon (but probably not soon enough for christmas because seriously, after this we really have to focus on making at least a few christmas ornaments like we promised).

anyhow, i hope u had a wonderful thanksgiving and a dootiful day, and like i like to tell duk duk every day after third period when we have to split up for gym class, "smell u later my friend!"


PS - here is a link to my mom's etsy shop where u will find everything at the appointed times (or at least close to it bc the first time we will have to hunt and peck thru our listings to make sure the right ones are activated.)

PPS - if u missed out on a regular teeny weenie christmas tree or are looking for a block one please do not worry we will be making more eventually :)

Monday, November 28, 2016

table manners

hee hee, mother, will u please pass the last tomahto? :) :)

Thursday, November 24, 2016

happy thanksgiving 2 u :)

um, mom, are we finished taking pictures yet because because we have been waiting like all month for this :) #thankfulforthanksgiving

Monday, November 21, 2016

digging weather

There are many reasons why my makey productivity ain't what it used to be, but the reason i will miss most long after it is gone is the one that brings me out on a warm autumn day, after a certain little someone made it perfectly and noisily clear that days like these are not the kind of days you waste inside.

hee hee, let me just finish eleventy hundred holes, mom, and then we can go back inside, okay? okay. :)

Friday, November 18, 2016

gas flap

hee hee hee, i think this just might work, duk duk! now all we have to do is ask mom to point george at our uknowwhats and then i think we can finally take our nap uninterrupted and that way we can be fresh and ready for tonitey nite's #tgidiscoDootFriday!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

under the bus

no,mom, i do not think duk duk needs a bath anymore than i d-oooOOOooooOooOooooOoo! um, u know, he has been a little smellier than usual. is that snackie for menu any chance?? :)

(psst - if u missed out on our last #teenyweeniexmastreeevent we are planning another megadoot this friday november 18th at 8:00 pm eastern standard time and will also have some secret and surprise mini doots whenever too so be on the lookout! and, if u r wondering if we will be making a weenie ornament for the tree, the answer is yeppies but it will not debut til after thanksgiving for easily foreseen but ultimately inevitable reasons. and they will probably be in very limited supply this year bc we really want to take our time making each and every one :) )

Monday, November 14, 2016

i can carry my snackies out all by myself

This past weekend we went to the pet store to restock on snackies for the car, and needless to say, a certain little wolf had a very fine time :)


hee hee, no need for a bag miss cashier lady, just like i brought them 2 u, i can also carry my snackies out all by myself! :)

Friday, November 11, 2016

the shipping spot

hee hee, i still love our stamp even after all these years. i could stamp all day, cantchoo, duk duk?

o wait i think i hear mom calling us. yes, mother?

um, well we are almost ready to start packing orders but while u r asking, me and duk duk are pretty sure we need another eleventy hundred boxes to stamp :)

Monday, November 7, 2016

wooty wednesday :)

dear diary,
something tells me that after this tuesday, no matter how things turn out, we all will be ready for a major dose of fun.  so me and duk duk have decided to officially offer our first batch of super cool teeny weenie christmas trees on what we will be calling Wooty Wednesday.  and, because we know how different people are able to log on at different times, we will be splitting our litter into two, and half of our puppy trees will be available in our kalyxcraftopia  Etsy shop at 4:00PM EST, and the other half will be available at 11:00PM EST.

 here is a peek at all we made so far and looky, we have decorated trees and plain trees and short trees and tall trees in every pretty combination u can think of!  and, if u squint very closely, u can see that all our tree puppies have teeny tiny swarovski crystal red noses. except for the im just a teeny weenie on a stand ones, which can still come with a red crystal nose if u order it that way because me and duk duk decided to try and test out using the variation feature on that listing.

speaking of trying out new things, we also converted a lot of our items including our teeny weenie trees to use calculated shipping, which hopefully will improve the accuracy of the shipping charge for your order.  but if for some reason it is still wonky, rest assured me and duk duk will refund the shipping overage when your package is mailed.

okay, so, i should probably go because we still have a lot of work to do.

b. :)

ps - while u r waiting please feel free to browse our extensive dachshund cute christmas and holiday cards and see if u can spot our latest card too! (hint, think me + rudolph) :)

Friday, November 4, 2016

bum ba da dum (#soonThereWillBeDoot mix)

Hee hee, tiny chumley and I will be busy this weekend, and thanks to a certain little wolf and falcon's mad video skills, here's a peek at why. :) 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

kalyx craft opia :)

hee hee, yeah, duk duk, my head is still spinning too. and we have not even eaten today's candy serving yet.  i am not really certain mom understands the likelihood of our being able to satisfactorily complete our soap packaging task given our post-halloween candy consumption schedule for the next few weeks. i mean, we used math and everything to figure out precise and increasing dosages of candy to get us buzzier and buzzier until finally, hopefully by thanksgiving, we can stuff our tummies til they burst and glide straight into a post-feastocalyptic coma. state of which hopefully will make most of december bearable until, yay christmas! 

anyhow, i guess we should get on with things.  this first impression we made with our new custom wax stamp turned out pretty nice, didn't it?but maybe we should move it over here and....oh, yeah, i see your point.  how did i not even think of that first? okay, let me ask her...

mom, did u happen to buy any brown wax by any chance? :)

Monday, October 31, 2016

saving halloween (part 3: a new beginning)


no, it's okay,  mom, really.  halloween is pretty much like the only day we want 2 ride the bus instead of pedaling 2 school.  well today and tomorrow on the bus because The Great Candy Exchange is tomorrow and that is practically the only day we can get rid of any smarties we collect, outside of us smashing them into candy dust. which i admit is pretty fun, but at least on TGCE Tuesday, we can turn our smarties into gummy gold. so, thank u for the offer, but we will stick with going 2 school on the bus.

okay, we will c u later....


hee hee hee, yeppies i know, right? like nobuddy's gonna ever gonna guess it is me because really, a wolf in a wolf costume? who would expect that??

well, technically that's true, duk duk, i'm a wolf in a wolf slash bunny costume, but seriously, everybuddy at school will be so busy saying like, my what big teeth u have, and oooo what smelly breath u have,  that i hardly think anybuddy will notice anything past the ferocious head gear mom helped us frankenzombiewolf from the zombie wolf we got at the thifty store...

hee hee hee, yessiree, my friends, today we are going 2 have a fantastic day at school. :)


Saturday, October 29, 2016

it came from behind

hee hee okay, mom i promise i did not peek at all when we were walking here so just let me know when i should turn around and look at what i am sure will be something very cool but not necessarily as spectacularly ferocious as me because really, and i am not bragging here but have u seen how white my paws have gotten? i mean any day now i think my fangs will be geting longer and sharper and my ears will get all pointy and my tail all bushy and ..what's that? oh i can start turning around?

so anyway like i was saying, i can hardly thing of anything as ferocious as me so whatever u want 2 show me must be really really super...

scary!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! run people, run it's a giant bunny!!!!