Tuesday, April 15, 2014

let's take a rocket to the moon

Tired of waiting for seemingly forever now on his little yellow tuffet,  tiny chumley gently rested his little noggin at the edge of table yesterday while he watched me pack and wrap our latest litter of etched and enameled doxie necklaces.

mom, do u think we could move to the moon? that way, i could nibble on cheese all day, and basically feed myself lunchy lunch, and dinner too. and even snackies would be covered, so I would not be asking u like I might be asking u now for a teeny tiny snackie from my teeny tiny snackie jar.  which happens, I see, to be right over there. :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

be my guest :)

oh yes, your ears do smell very nice, cassie!

but here, let me tell u something my puppy friend.  i know it is sunday and all and normally we do not learn things on account of there being no school on sunday, but since u only just started puppy kindergarten, and i am older and wiser than u, well, let me tell u sumptin because  sniffing ears is nice n all, but real dogs? 

real dogs sniff tushies! here..be my guest!! :) :)


Sunday, April 13, 2014

jedi mind trix

no mom, there is nobuddy here who needs a bath.  I smell just fine. you were on your way to get me a snackie. and then we will go outside to play :) :) 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

yesterday i went to the hardware store :)

oooh goody, i smell cow poopie.  are we at a farm maybe? no wait, i smell flowers, and mulch, and hmmmm...power tools!  i know where we are! i wonder if they still have the tiny hot tub and the shiny disco lights that me and duk duk want to install in our back-...what? why, yes, mom i promise to stay in the cart and be very good.

be vewy quiet. this is not the dachshund u are looking for. i am not in this cart. u do not see me.  u do not smell me. this cart is empty. there is nothing but dirt and stinky flowers in this cart...and soon i hope some cherry tomato plants. but u will not see those either...move along. there is nothing 2 see here. 

hee hee hee, choo chooooo! chooo chooo! all checked out and ready to board the P & S Poopie Snake Express! next stop the pet store and then if i am lucky, the chikky fil-a! chooo choooo! chugga chugga, chugga chugga - choo choooo!

okay, mom, if u just leave the cart here i will load everything for u and if u want, i can even take us to our next stop! well, i mean after we stop by school to pick up r2duk2 and 3lulu-poopCO. and chocobacca and princess pinkpuppy.  chooo chooo! :) :)

Friday, April 11, 2014

c u later poopietater

Tiny dirty paws don't take very long to wash, but it apparently takes more patience than a certain little boy could bear to muster yesterday.

 okay mom, we're done, no rinsing necessary c u later poopietater! :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

roy g biv


dear diary,
have u ever woke up and thought, there really are not enough rainbows in the world?  i do, especially on rainy days, when i think there should be a rainbow but all i get is wet when i have to go poop outside.  so i asked mom to make our just-in-time-for-mother's-day batch of etched and enameled necklaces super rainbowy!  it will be a few days yet before i can help mom finish them and put them on etsy, but i thought i would show you how the puppies are progressing, because who knows, maybe you could use a rainbow today too.  me, i am also hoping to maybe also get another snackie, so pardon me if i cut this entry short because i think my snackie eyes are finally starting to work on mom. i hope u have a wonderful thursday filled with rainbows! 

b. :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Tiny chumley took advantage of Monday's rain, seizing his time outside yesterday to dig in the fresh loamy soil, and sniffing so deeply in the dirt that he had to sneeze it back out, only to sniff at the dirt again.

It's always tempting, I think, to become daunted by the prospect of having to wash dirty little paws, and as a preemptive measure, deny the little kielbasa his privilege of digging.  But the little gray hairs on this head and paws keep sprouting like weeds now, and they remind me that all too soon, his days of digging will be but a memory.  So dig we will, any time we can, so there will be plenty for him to remember and dream about, when that is all there is left for him to do. :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

up|down turnaround

The shopping gods seem to be giving me a few challenges lately on the sewing front.  My Pfaff, my weapon of choice for duds and purses and hats, seems to require some rather pricey repairs, a quandary compounded by the fact that my pfaff model is old and replacement parts are becoming ever more scarce.   It's the kind of thing I'd rather not think about, honestly.  In fact, I only thought about it long enough to put a stop gap measure in place, but hopefully it's enough to tide my sewing needs over for months if not years. That way I can be free to think about other things, like wondering what's so mesmerizing about watching a bright eyed little doxie go up and down and up and down and up and down all over again. :)

Monday, April 7, 2014


Mister happy go lucky apparently missed out on spying a big bunny in our backyard yesterday afternoon while we were all together out running errands.  We found out because the carefully scrawled pink chalk message on our driveway told us so, left there by tiny chumley's little miss neighbor friend Julia. 

tiny chumley sniffed at the ground feverishly.  He was glad to have been able to accompany us, but as frustrated as Thufir Hawat in a David Lynch production of Dune for having found Harkonnen sabotage devices too easily.   By the time we had gone inside and put away the groceries, it was clear that tiny chumley had developed a Plan.

mom, as primary defender of our homeland, I beseech you to let me and duk duk order the supplies we need to implement operation traps and trebuchets ASAP. all we need is an extra eleventy five iphoneys, an unlimited data and texting plan, two hundred and fifty three yards of acme grade extra sensitive three ply trip wire, an anvil, seven boxes of dy-no-mite, three twelvesies of powdered milk, two handy hermans, a weather balloon, an electric eel, and two hard hats - one small and one extra extra small.  oh, and direct 24/7 hotline access to a certain very intelligent coyote who shall remain anonymous. :) :)


Sunday, April 6, 2014

scenes from a lunchy lunch with a tiny movie critic (who also happens to be bored)

...and so, after he finds out injector assembly number one has been deactivated, ru'afo goes..

and that is pretty much where me and duk duk had to stop the movie on account of it being past our bedtime so i do not know yet what happens to the son'a or the ba'ku. but I hope the Borg come and assimilate everything because really, so far there has been way too much talking and sharing and not enough shooting, know what I mean?  and well, that's that...boy our lunchy lunch is taking forever to get here...

hey, mom, u want me to show u the thirty three different sounds me and duk duk can make when we make a foofie? I just need to borrow your straw, some scotch tape, and a tin can. :) :)


Saturday, April 5, 2014

i droppled it

do not worry tiny snackie, once we are parked and i am unleashed from my snoozer, I will look for u! :) 

Friday, April 4, 2014

the bees and the birds

do not worry, mom, you do not have to tell me because I figured it out already.  first, birds lay eggs so we can paint them for Easter. second, bees fly into flowers to appreciate them better, u know, the way I stick my nose into the dirt so I can sniff it better.  oh, and third, even though it is very obvious from one and two that they have nothing in common, birds and bees must find a way to live together and share the land, no matter how buzzy the birds think the bees are, or how chirpy the bees find the birds. so in order to peacefully coexist, they make sure that each of the other flies over there. just like boys and girls have to do, only by standing and with a lot more cooties involved.  is there anything I missed? :)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

plumpty dumpty

plumpty dumpty sat on the floor,
plumpty dumpty wanted some more,
maybe some snackies or maybe some food,
to fill his round tummy and make it feel good! :) 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

the life of littles

Tiny chumley didn't like it at all the fateful afternoon a couple weeks back his neighbor puppy friend Cassie accidentally rolled him with her massive and playful paws.  Now he asks her to keep her distance, at least until she is a little older and wiser, but he's happy still to have her visit along with the little misses as she did yesterday and share in the duties of being hugged and squeezed and kissed all over. 

Yesterday was not only the second day of spring break, but it was also, as luck would have it, open window weather. So while little miss Sarah and I worked for her first time on a sewing machine, while little miss Julia made tea party invitations and while Cassie puppy napped a little ways over there, tiny chumley lay his little sun warned noggin on the windowsill, and sniffed the air for bunnies and kitties, and all was happy in everyone's happy little world :)