Friday, November 17, 2017

baxter & duk duk's special friday matinee feature: weenie reindeer games :)

dear diary,
next week is thanksgiving week and as might imagine we will be very busy being thankful and eating and entertaining family and stuff so please do not worry if we are not posting regularly or responding very quickly. also, i am stilll washing cooties off myself from cassie's relatively brief but incredibly stinky visit, so there is that. but anyhow, even though we might still be posting a little next week, me and duk duk thought it might be nice to leave u with an officially awesome video we just made which we are sure u will want to watch with the sound on over and over again during next week's comedy drought. plus it has a very special announcement at the end. 

oh and if u were wondering, we hope to have a few goodies for cyber brown wednesday but we may not have a lot of time to preannounce what it will be so stay tuned because there will probably be ninjadoots! okay, me and duk duk need to pick up lil pink puppy and lulu the tiger from chukky poops so i will write u later and i hope u have a very good weekend. :)


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

teeny weenie csi

no, mom, i do not know how it got this way at all..

and i do see how u might think that these are ferocious chomp marks. but as u know, there are many tools here that could easily make those marks. and u know that i know u know i know u know i know better, so that pretty much rules me out, dontchoo think?

and besides, even if a wolf really did have anything to do with it, i am sure he would be very very sorry. :)

Monday, November 13, 2017

scene from an amazing magic trick as performed by a wolf :)

hee hee, okay, mom, now open your eyes and guess where the quarter went.. :)

Friday, November 10, 2017

mega sunday teeny christmas weenie tree doot :)

hee hee yeppies, mom, in addition to our classic teeny weenies on glittery snow covered birch slab base in tiny double and single tree style in either pretty natural or festive green colors, me and duk duk made the more of the biggie smalls tree and we even expanded our selection of super adorable modern leather wrapped block bases and we even have a few double weenie ones too! and u can choose the topper u want and in addition to being able to add ornaments, for the biggie smalls we are thinking maybe u can choose to add a poop on the stoop and everything! well, probably - me and duk duk have a lot to do before our sunday doot at nine pm eastern standard time. and it might take us a little while to fill orders bc the trees are customizable, but do not worry we will promise we will fill each and every order so that way we can take it easy the week of thanksgiving :)

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

a study in pinks :)

hee hee, are they still as pink in there as when i was little, mom?

Monday, November 6, 2017

nice day for an autumn walkie :) yeppies, that is pretty much why u should never lend a monkey
a zamboni. hey, after our walkies, mom, do u think u can maybe take me and duk duk and dad to the chikky fila so i can get my free snackie and duk duk and dad can get some waffle fries? :)

Friday, November 3, 2017

very soon there will be doot (like at 10:30AM EST this morning)

dear diary,
well needless to say, our halloween trick or treating was a super success and we ate so much candy that we are still buzzing these many days later! this was actually a very beneficial thing as it would turn out, because me and duk duk are getting so much done.  like for instance, how we are going to post a whole sixteen special dooty doot items today at 10:30 AM EST.  some of them u already sort of know about if u follow us on instygram or facebook, but here we will give u a special peek at all the items and tell u a little more about them so u can be on the lookout.

1) Puppy blankie play mats: When I was little and just adopted, my mom made me a special me-sized blankie play mat.  She spread it out in a very special quiet place where she promised nobuddy would bother me or take my toys away or anything.  There I would get special delicious snackies  and I could play for as long as I wanted to.  Needless to say it became a very special spot.  Even now as I am turning into a ferocious wolf and have like, a million beds and blankies, if I get or find something super terrific on the floor, u can pretty much count on seeing me make a jaunty beeline to my special place to be with it on my special blankie.  Anyway, while we were thinking of how to help other doxies in need this year, me and duk duk  realized there might be other little wolves out there who might appreciate a special blankie play mat, too, and so we decided to donate all the profits from the three blankies we will be posting today to Sophia's Grace Foundation for Dachshund Rescue. Please be sure to look at each listing even if u do not need a blankie because me and duk duk think we did a pretty good job with the saleswolfship, if we do say so ourselves.

 2) Funky Monkey Pilgrim Party Hats! Yeppies, thanksgiving is an often overlooked holiday and me and duk duk thought it was time to correct that with new hats for seven lucky and exceptional thinkers and stinkers.  They go on pretty much the way u put on our birthday hats with the adjustable double chin strap design, only u wear them hopefully while u r standing in front of a giant plate of turkey or at least stuffing or at least a big bowl of snackies.

Here is a peek at all of them plus the blankies and brooches which we will show u next.
3)  Mixed Media Dachshund Brooches: Here is a peek at all of them and how they will be numbered for the posts.

This little fella is nakey and on the back is a duk with plenty of space for u to quack your own tiny secret message.

This girly cameo still knows how to party, cuz, u know, #smelledit. :)

This little nakey fella loves to fetch ballies, and pretty much everything else he finds on the floor. :)

This sweet little red is a bringer of joy, which shall be to all people. 

This dapper cameo also has space on back for a secret tiny message, because maybe u want to remember something or someone or just want to make someone smile.

and last but not least, a nakey doxie puppy, running as fast as he can, so he can pee on the tallest tree.

I hope all our makey goodies will find new forever homes, dontchoo? and as a special thank you for reading all the way down to here, we just thought we would mention that we hope to start dooting teeny weenie trees late next week and we are working feverishly hard on ornaments so they will be coming too sometime. 

b :)

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

happy halloween :)

hee hee hee, yeah, duk duk, mom really did a super job with it didn't she?

whodathunk it is only papier mache! yeah i know this year's costume is really genius. even if people actually figure out who i am, they really will not know Who I am after chocobot does his thing, right??

 okay, first, lemme take my collar off and make sure the specs are what we specified in our drawings..

hee hee, yep,  i think this will work just fine really. 

well, i guess there is no time like the present. okay chocobot, remember if this is gonna hurt u need to give me fair - 

Monday, October 30, 2017

t minus one

hee hee hee, okay, mom, chocobot said ezpz no problem. so now all we need is for u to finish the uknowwhat today that u have been working on forever while me and duk duk and lulu the tiger and lil pink puppy finish prepping the other uknowwhat to receive it. so considering we are prerty much on schedule, ima gonna go ahead and keep our overall status at brown. if u do not have anymore questions, this concludes our top secret status meeting for project Süßigkeiten-Schlepper :)

Friday, October 27, 2017

ask a wolf a silly question:)

hee hee, really, u do not know, mom? here, i will show u..

see? they do it like this...(nibble nibble..nibble nibble)

and then, if they run out of leaves, they just turn their head, and they eat more!
(nibble nibble. nibble nibble nibble)

and that is pretty much how giraffes eat. :)

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

get crafty: crested athena spartan helmet for lmj :)

dear diary,
i am sorry i have not written in you lately but i have been busy helping mom with an urgent makemergency. u see, little miss julia decided on sunday that she wants to be athena the goddess of war for trunk or treat on thursday and she asked if we could make athena's helmet. so we found a free basic villian helmet pattern on kamui cosplay, modified it to make it all spartany cool, cut it out of cardboard, and three very late nights later, we are almost done. it is coming along pretty nicely considering how little time we have to make it, dontchoo think? little miss julia wanted her helmet to be shiny silver which i think will be really cool bc sometime she can dress up as a roman cyclon.

anyhoo, here is also a picture of me taking a break from all that makey. and nopies that is not a mega furry cat under me. let's just say if we were not so busy with our makemergency, my whole body would be a lot stinkier right now and not in a good way but more of a purple flower stink sort of way.

anyhoo, when we are finished finished i will try and post a picture of the helmet on instygram and if mom is not looking i will also try and post a picture of the chocolate turtle i made :)

b. :)

Monday, October 23, 2017

come and get it :)

hee hee, well mom, after dad and i help u fill calendar orders, we thought maybe we should celebrate by getting ice cream :)

(psst - u can clicky here to get your supercool calendar too and if u want, maybe u might also want to add some super cute christmas cards too because we added a new one of those too :) )

Friday, October 20, 2017

wolf and bumblebee :)

The little dachshund cried out in delight when he smelled his friend, mister bee. "Why smello, mister bee! I was hoping to see you again! I just wanted to tell you, well, now that the seasons are changing and even though today is unseasonably warm, well, i still remember how nice u were to let me lick your butt before,and soon the days will be consistently cooler and probably not so fun for you, so i just wanted to say..."

"if you would ever like to come inside and share my george with me, you are very welcome to do so. and i promise not to lick your butt or anything. :)"

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

fair and square :)

hee hee, well mom, it might have been your new heating pad, but i found it fair and square here on the floor so..

finders poopers! :)