Monday, September 22, 2014

mega movie tease monday: little gladiators

dear diary,
this past weekend i went to my puppy friend hank's house and something tells me once he settles down a little more on the chompy chomp, he and i will be very good friends.  how do i know? well, because he and i are already planning to make our first feature film together.  u know, something that will feature lots and lots of action and probably gladiators and lions and u know, stuff like that.

in fact, we went ahead and made a demo trailer.  it's a little rough and the trailer ends abruptly,  but as Poop T Barnum said, always leave them wanting more.  

b. :)

Friday, September 19, 2014

tiny video friday: always end on a soft note :)

dear diary,
a couple days ago i saw a video shared by hank's mom of a puppy learning to ding a ding bell and i thought, gee, puppies are such suckers. but then my mom saw it and next thing i know, i am taking piano lessons during my lunchy lunch training time.

my first lesson was actually pretty fun. not only are the snackies plentiful, but i am learning a thing or two. like, well, if u extend your toes it dampens the sound, and well, it is very soothing to end a song in a soft note. so i think i will try to always end on a soft note, at least for now because i guess i will be doing this for a while and if i think too much about how i might be missing out on lunchy lunch toyfriend club, i'll just get - well, u know. and besides maybe one day me and hank can play a duet together because i hear he is a fast learner.  anyhoo, one day, i hope i can play my whole song i wrote for u yesterday in one take, but for now i spliced together my song into a twenty second video and if u have twenty seconds to spare,  i hope u like it very much. especially the part where i end on a soft note.

b. :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

the short way round

hmmmm, ancient dachshund dog bowl dog puzzle, eh? try to get the snackies out of the incredibly tiny triangle hole, eh? 


hee hee, well, u know what they say..
 where there is a will...


...there is a way around!! :)

Monday, September 15, 2014

partners in rhyme

I like sitting in my dad's lap 
because it is comfy and warm like a hot monkey chow drink 
and sometimes, 
when one of us makes a foofie stink,
we will point the finger of blame at each other,
and mom does not know what to think.

-baxter, 7.75 years old, enjoying time with his dad on a Saturday afternoon :) 

Friday, September 12, 2014

note to self: cherry tomato plants

There are several things I should try to remember when it comes to planning tiny chumley's cherry tomato garden next year.  Six plants are overkill. Four plants are plenty. Okay, five maybe, if I factor in bird and bunny theft. Christmas icicle tinsel, by the way, might have actually helped deter some birds this year so be sure to get a pack for a quarter when the thrift store holds their Christmas in July sale and drape them randomly on the cages.  Grape tomatoes are out, mostly because in all the years we have grown them, they never seem as tasty as the rounds. And through no fault of their own, yellow tomatoes are out, because I can never consistently pick them when they are ripe, nor do I have the gumption or interest in figuring that sort of thing out. Plus yellow tomatoes on a salad really don't look that great unless there are some red ones on there too. But I digress. 

The last and probably most important thing I should remember about tiny chumley and his tasty tiny tomato garden isn't really about the tomato plants, but about the window I thought was open just barely enough for sniffs and cuteness. And about a certain little determined doxie who happens to have a surprisingly stretchy extendo giraffe neck.

hee hee, mom are you trying to say remember to open the window wider next time because I am pretty sure I could eat even more tomatoes that way and that would be a win-win for both of us. and by us, I mean my tummy and me. just in case u were wondering. :) :) 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

the black duk

well duk duk, with ten minutes to spare before we have to pedal to scopl, I guess we should really get started on last night's ecology reading assignment, dontchoo think? let's see what we have here. oh, it's "the black duck..."

"wariest of our waterfowl.."

moooom, are u sure today is a school day?? :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

hiney hole

well, okay mom, since we are still developing the pattern and this is only practice fabric, u can take a couple of pictures so we can study them for fit and make adjustments but remember, mum's the word because my Halloween costume is top secret and even though he thinks he knows what it is, not even duk duk knows what it really is. capoops? 

so, okay, I was thinking now that the front half looks pretty good, maybe we can focus on my back end because I think the hiney hole could be just a little bit bigger, dontchoo? but not so big that it would collect leaves and junk when we go trick or treating because that would be really scratchy. oh and not too small just in case I need to make a know whattie snake. :)

Friday, September 5, 2014

que blah blah, blah blah

gee, duk duk,  that's a good question. i am not sure what that would look like...


yeah...maybe something like that :) :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


dear diary,
hooray! today me, duk duk, chocobot, lulu the tiger, and lil pink puppy all have special permission to stay home from school because guess what - we are going to help mom load a fresh new litter of teeny tiny doxie treasure boxes to etsy! and this time, not only is it a double litter of sixteen boxes total, but some are nakey nakey, and some wear bowties,  and some wear flowers,  and some are even playing with a supercool ballie this time!  yup, i know, it is very exciting, isn't it? i cannot wait to help them find new forever homes!

anyhoo, me and duk duk and chocobot and lulu the tiger and lil pink puppy have not yet decided on how we post the listings but if i have my way, we will be posting eight as we finish them during the day and then save the last eight for posting all at once at 8pm EST. or something like that.  it really depends on how much gumption we have, and we will try to sound the doot doot dooty doots via our instagram and facebook and twitter as best we can.

well diary, i best get on with my morning paw stretches because already i can tell i have a lot of typing ahead of me.  i hope u have a wondeful day!!

b. :)

PS - the boxes all usually show up in a special section of my shop but I cannot provide you the link yet because nothing is in the section yet!  so here is a link my shop just so u have it :)  --->

Monday, September 1, 2014

my new friend hank :)

dear diary,
today i finally got to meet lulu's mom's new puppy and my new doxie puppy friend, hank! hank is now twelve weeks old and weighs five pounds and needless to say he is a real squeebert and neither of us could stay still long enough for pictures, so i decided to show you some videos from our first brunchmas playdate, which i figured u might want to see again and again and again so i posted them as viney videos.  all in all we had a lot of fun and the little misses came over and held him and everything! next time we visit together i think i will ask mom if she will make me a shark proof body suit because, well, let's just say that puppy teeth? well they are a whole lot sharper than u would think they are. especially when they are latched on to u like a crab on a finger, or in my case, a puppy on your neck meat.

anyhoo shark suit or not, i sure hope me and hank can get together and play again soon.  i have not yet seen his poopie snakes although mom says they are little peanuts, which would be a nice addition to our collection. 

happy labor day monday and toodleydoo!
b. :)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

brunchmas morning :)

good morning morning world! just a few more minutes in bed please and then I will get up and start making brunchy brunch. :)

Friday, August 29, 2014

little buddies


hee hee, oooo - didjoo smell that, duk duk? i think that was cassie's - no wait, the wind is coming from the notes of  (sniff sniff) turkey and, make that seventeen weeks old at least...delightfully rancid (sniff sniff)  in a blue cheesy way.. and, i detect a slight trace of slobber.  aged stinky basset neighbor poop. definitely stinky basset neighbor poop. :)  

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

floats like a meatloaf

Taking tiny chumley for a swim is something I would like to do with him before he gets too old and bony and easily chilled for that sort of thing.  I'd love to see him paddle around like a sentient meatloaf, his body bobbing gently as his four little legs take turns paddling him around and around and around.  His head, I imagine, would be held just high enough out of water to act as his visual rudder, being the first to point in the direction he would like to go, and patiently putting up with the waves lapping at his face while it waits for the rest of his body to float in line.

Swimming was the furthest thing from my mind when the little kielbasa and I ventured out into our backyard yesterday afternoon.  Short changed of a full lunchy lunch training experience because I was consumed with makey, Baxter took full advantage of my guilt and merrily bolted off, sniffing out every nook and cranny of his yard before deciding to get down to the serious business of digging.  And digging he did, for minutes on end while I said hello and chatted with the little misses' mom by the fence.  By the time she and I were done, every inch of tiny chumley was happily covered in dirt.

I picked up Baxter and took him over to our latest lazy iteration on a paw washing station, our giant almost chumley sized salvaged-metal-fire-pit-bowl-turned-extremely-ginormous birdbath, left on the ground while it awaits a thrift store score base of some sort.  Recent rains had filled the bath to the brim, a fact that didn't go unnoticed by my little friend as I started to lower him into it.

I had expected a bit of random rebellious wiener wiggle, but surprisingly, as his body got closer and closer to the water, his little legs started to move in slow but regular fashion.

Right front paw out and under, left front paw out and under, right back paw out and under, left back paw out and under.  Right front paw out and under, left front paw out and -

Did he just...was he doing a pre-paddle?  I had seen a video of Baxter's friend Molly do it, but Baxter as far as I knew has never even been for a swim.

I pulled him back up and started lowering him again, even more slowly this time with chest and body supported and legs free. My eyes were fixed on him. Baxter's eyes were fixed on the water.

Right front paw out and under, left front paw out and under, right back paw out and under, left back paw out and under.

It would turn out that the water in the birdbath still wasn't deep enough for Baxter to even float, but I love how his little swimmy instincts seemingly kicked in. Tired from all the digging and paws freshly washed, we returned to our sunny spots in my studio, both of us dreaming of the swims yet to come. :)


Monday, August 25, 2014

back to school :)

hee hee, look everybuddy! there goes the school bus!!

i sure am glad we pooled the last of our summer gummy worms to buy a parking pass.  i usually do not look forward to the first day of school, but today is a whole different story now that we can pedal to school every day ourselves!

what's that, lulu the tiger? 

oh yeah, i guess it is time to get this show on the road. commencing pre-pedal checklist ops number 3758delta9ner for the inaugural mission of pedalcraft HMP JamiahBunnyCakesPootenpenny!

okay everbuddy just like we rehearsed...



duk duk, homemade locker stink pucks?

lil pink puppy, thermoses?

lulu the tiger, lunchy lunch boxes?

chocobot, pencils and notebook paper?

okay houston, i think we are a go...everyone hold tight and get ready to pedal off in o-

, houston, could somebuddy open the door please? :) :)