Friday, November 21, 2014

little boxes

With all the clashing and crashing noises going on around him, tiny chumley couldn't help but venture out from his heat cave yesterday to see what was up. I was stacking my thrift store score of old and unwanted cookie tins, an eleventh hour find to support my eleventh hour ideas for things that will most definitely turn into weenielicious wooty for the etsy hop.   Our weekend, as you might guess, will be super makey busy.   I can only hope that your weekend will be just as much fun :)

have a super weekend my friends and guess what - all the while mom is working with metal this weekend, me and duk duk will be putting our teeny tiny christmas book together so stay tuney tuned because we are also in charge of the ornament for this year and well, just u wait and see!! #supercoolchristmas2014 :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

winter has come

well, mom, if u want to see more of us, maybe u can install a webcam inside. :)

Monday, November 17, 2014

news i cannot use

ruuuuuuh?  i have 2 take a bath for school pictures this week?

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! :(

Friday, November 14, 2014

the little lady, part two :)

okay duk duk, u get our test kibble and i will come back around to turn the dial.

mmmm, warm kibble. hee hee i cannot wait!


doo bee doo doo, doo be do, doo bee doo doo doop be doo doo doo doo...

yeah i think u r right duk duk, we should probably stir it.

hee, why, i do not mind if i do do doodley do! oh duk duk, this warm kibble is fantastic.  do not tell the sales lady but i think we should totally give her ten bags of gummy worms for it , maybe twen - say what? oh smap! quick, u hide the kibble and i will unplug the stove. and remember, do not act too interested and let me do all the talking.  and whatever u do, do not make me laugh.  okay, time to put on my poker face!

 miss, this stove stinks and not in a good way. and, seeing as how it was probably previously owned by a girl, my friend here and i are very concerned about cooties and the costs to decontaminate it.  we can offer you five bags of gummy worms and not a gummy more.



Wednesday, November 12, 2014

the little lady, part one



no duk duk, you're gonna break the door!! move it! i can do it, i promise.

"works, burners get warm" see i told you i could read it without my glasses.

hee hee, and mega WOOTY! duk duk u r so right. this would be perfect! we could make hot monkey chow cider, chunky chicken water,  poopcorn, baked gummy worm alaska, monkey chow krispie treats, monkey chow pancakes, monkey chow fried rice, monkey chow chowder, monkey chow chili, monkey chow chicken chower, monkey chow lasagna, monkey chow kiev, cream of monkey chow and who knows what else. without even leaving the cozy comfort of our heat cave.

hey, before the saleslady back, let's plug it in and see how hot it gets!

hmmmm, okay is this the cord we want? or is it this thingy by the exhausty pipe with the metal whatchamajiggy and the two prong pokey things?  hmmmmmmm....

(to be continued..)

Monday, November 10, 2014

chunky chicken water with the kitchen kielbasa

Hello friends, it's us, baxter and duk duk! I'm wearing a napkin today because I want to share with you an  easy peasy recipe we just created.  We call it Chunky Chicken Water.  And we call it ez-pz because all u need to ask your mom to thoroughly boil in plain water a boneless skinless chicken breast, the cooking water your mom cooked the chicken in (skimmed of any fat), and some raw carrots.   Then, when you are ready for a delicious and lovely special snackie treat, just pull these ingredients out of the fridge and follow these three easy steps to tummy nirvana...

1) Put some of chicken water in a very cute bowl.  No reheating is necessary but if u do, make sure it is not too hot, know what I mean?

2) Sprinkle in some raw carrots for color, texture, and tastiness.

3) Add as much shredded chicken meat as your mom will allow and there you have it, delicious chunky chicken water!

There are probably a million more things u could add to this, like cooked rice or you know, blueberries or stuff.  Just always be sure to check and make sure what u are using is going to be good for you,  and most of all, remember to hold on to that tasty cooked chicken water.  I know, so easy, right?  Oh, so how does Chunky Chicken Water taste? Well, see for yourself in this video we made too!

Hee hee okay, this is me, Baxter your roving rover reporter and friend, and duk duk, wishing you the happiest of Fridays and the weekend! :)

Friday, November 7, 2014

winter is coming

hee hee hee, hooray - phase two of our heat cave project is now finished, duk duk! i am sure glad mom figured out how to make everything from our drawings.  especially this supercool awning, right?  no medieval tent is really complete without one. the starks had them. and i sure bet the lannisters did too. 

only i bet theirs did not retract!

last one in's a rotten poopie snake! well, a more rotten one anyway.

(shuffle shuffle) (shuffle shuffle) hey hey, pheeeeeeeew! duk duk, didjoo just..oh nevermind i just did one too so we are even.

okay,  maybe at in phase three we ask mom for a pull cord so we can pull george over whenever we wanty want. :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

i voted :)

Even though a pup can't really execute his civic duties on Election Day, at least he can pretend he did.

hee hee, mom, do u think if i wear this sticker it will still get me the voting discount at the candy store? :) :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

civic pooty

because, you know, it's your civic pooty. :) 

Monday, November 3, 2014

some behind the scenes stuff and a doot doot dooty doot for know, a supercool print poster and my 2015 desk calendar

When a happy go lucky dachshund stands at the cusp of turning eight years old,  I like to think that his tastes begin to evolve. Boy adventurer detectives and blue boxed time travelers, though still very much close to his heart,  now give way to more complex characters who more often than not, ask questions and delve into topics that an eight year old imaginative dachshund has yet to fully comprehend. And so it seemed only natural that Baxter and his toyfriend duk duk, who by now would have exhausted all the G, PG, and PG13 offerings on Netflix,  would have refined their tastes and discover indie geek classics like the movie Donnie Darko.  And, even though some of the darker aspects of the movie would go over their heads, a movie as engaging and unsettling as Donnie Darko would still be something tiny chumley and duk duk would pick to serve as the awesome inspiration for this year's halloween trick-or-treatery.

I'd like to say it was purely Baxter and duk duk's inner geekiness that motivated their Halloween attire, but truth be told, the makey challenges also piqued my interests greatly.  I mean, it's not like there are many swell instructions out there for this for humans, much less for dachshunds, or for one winged duks.  The challenge would not only be in replicating the Frank the Bunny and Donnie Darko look, but also in adapting it for the actual head and body shapes and imaginative perspectives of an odd but perfectly matched pair of friends.

Today, finally, after months of off and on makey, a peek into the work that went into their costumes, and a link to Baxter's new super cool poster featuring it, that asks what we should all probably ask ourselves at one time or another, why are you wearing that silly human suit?

Happy Monday, friends! :)

PS if you missed the doot doot dooty doot yesterday, here is a link for our super cool and always budgety 2015 desk calendar too!


Friday, October 31, 2014

happy hallo-scary-ween :)

hee hee, thanks, chocobot, for taking care of yours and lulu the tiger's and lil pink puppy's halloween costumes. me and duk duk were so busy making ours, we did not have any time at all to work on stuff for the three of you. the toyfriend club scar on your cheek is a nice touch, by the way. 

and, it was pure genius to put lulu the tiger and lil pink puppy in one costume.  now we have room for even more candy in our wagon!

okay, duk duk since u are already dressed, u wait here with chocobot and lulu the tiger and lil pink puppy while i get into my #topsecretSCARY costume, okay?

(zip snap shuffle shuffle zip snap swoosh zip)

you know, duk duk, i really like how everything turned out, but i sure wish mom would have let us make the teeth sharper and more scary spaced. i mean, how scary could that be, right? we have been scaring our friends all week with the pictures we posted on instagram and facebook and twitter.

(snap snap shimmy snap zip snap)

but, at least if nobuddy recognizes who we really are, then they can at least they think they know who we are, even though they would be really wrong.  

(bump clatter clatter)

whoops. uh oh, was that my mask?

..boy it better be okay. without my mask, i'm just a long dog in a nicely fitted, super plushie hoodied onesie with white fur on my...


 whoa - did u guys just hear that?? i think i heard cassie.

no, false alarm. it was just the wind blowing a bunch of leaves.

okay, let me just get my mask on, and we finally can start trick or treating!! 

oh not again. yes mom?


pictures? again?? but mom, me and duk duk already posed for our halloween card, and our super cool wall poster, and even for next year's calendar. and we promised that we would try to put them in the shop for you by this Monday and send out a doot doot dooty doot and everything.  well for the poster and the calendars anyway because we sold out of the cards for now. so our friends can see us in our full glory there,  and besides they will see us live any minute now when we knock on their door for tricks and treats. 

so, like, do we have to?

okay, make a hole everybuddy. we need to make this quick so everybuddy keep their eyes open, mouths closed, and save the funny faces for after we bring back our candy haul.

phew, the inside of this mask smells like desperation and rancid gummy worms! duk duk - did you do this?? 

hee hee, why thank you my friend. it most certainly will help me get into character.  which i am guessing hardly anybuddy will guess even with u standing next to me and u are like the main character. oh, okay mom's ready, so on the count of three

trick or treeeeat! :)

(hee hee, ps if  did not get one because we sold out, here is a peek at our halloween card.  and do not worry if u missed out, it will be back in the shop again :) )

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


dear diary,
there is only one thing scarier for me to show you this wednesday before halloween and since me and duk duk's costumes are still #topsecretSCARY,  today i am showing you the kind of scary i like to call #dangerSCARY, because any second now, my neighbor puppy friend cassie could come up and lick you, or jump on you, or roll you, or slobber all over you. and you would most definitely get covered in cooties.  these are all of the kinds of dangerous and scary things that could happen to you, when you enter ...the Cassie Zone. 

doo-bee-doo-doo, doo-bee-doo-doo,
b. :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

personal sheeshus

Sometimes all a little boy can do when things don't go his way is cope, as only a little boy can. :)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

objects in shadow are sized exactly as they appear :)

see mom, i told u I was more that three apples tall. :)