Sunday, November 21, 2010

welding elf & thrify treasures

For me, the creative process doesn't always work the same in every instance. Sometimes, I start with an idea and find the materials, and other times - most times lately - the materials find me, and then I have an idea. And yes, our house is full of materials.

Days, even years can go by before things get made, because of a lack of time, inspiration, or skill, and sometimes all three. As was the case with the Christmas wreath I knew I wanted. Ever since leaving the land of normal, I have always known I wanted something interesting to hang on our front door during the holiday season. Eons ago we did the fresh evergreen wreath, transitioned to the more practical fake but festively festooned wreath, and in more recent years have switched between nothing and the last minute ol burgundy (most recently bright red) plastic velvet bow cuz I once again ran out of time to make anything cool.

But not this year. And I owe it all to my new welding elf, our friend and Robin's son, Takato himself. Who happened to be taking a welding class this semester, the same time that I scored a six buck bag of silverware from the flea market. Who took my bag of goodies and delivered this wonderful creation to our doorstep this weekend.

Complete and total wooty woot, right? I'm so proud of his first crafty welding adventure, I can't wait to make more stuff of my own so I can contribute to the mig welder we both want him to have. So he can always be my occasional welding elf, and we both can watch where his creative journeys might take him.

Now, I'm still thinkin of doing a bit more adornment work on the wreath, and I am sure one day the flea market or thrift store gods will shine upon me that which I need, like maybe some vintagey 50s glass ball ornaments or a luxe piece of wide red ribbon, but until then, Takato and I found some super stuff at the flea market before he had to make the long journey home. Wooden bowls for more hat stands, a little wooden shoe form, and a few bits of jewelry. Combined with all the stuff I scored this week at the thrift stores and last week's flea visit, tiny chumley's curious nose had a field day investigating all the new and strange smells. And yet it's just another day, here in the happy life of this little doxie. :)


Hannalei said...

You know. I find myself saying *me likey dat* Wonder who I got that from. Awesome AWESOME silverware wreath. Love it. Love your finds too. Gosh .. to spend a day flea marketing with you. We could... or would be dangerous. : )

Kerri said...

Very cool!

Baxter, maybe Takato can give you and Duk Duk those welding lessons for your squirrel house? (Btw, your biggest WV fan -- my mom, you met her at the flea in May -- will be in town for Thanksgiving.)

kalyxcorn said...

hee hee, maybe takato can make my squirrel house trap! hope to see u at the flea! :)

yeah the flea was sumptin this past weekend cuz there was an antiques show in one of the buildings so of course more vendors show up at the surrounding flea! there's always sumptin!

Lorenza said...

It is so beautiful and unique!
Happy sunday!
Kisses and hugs

JackPDB said...

Ladeez and Gentlemen! Step right up! Spin the Wheel of Cutlery and WIN ! BIG! PRIZES!

kalyxcorn said...

hee - mostly, a trip to the hospital if it falls on u! but thankfully the door hanger we have is very sturdy! :)