Monday, April 8, 2013

baxter and duk duk's nitey nite bedtime stories: the little kielbasa helps a bunny (part 2)

"What is new, Pussycat?" asked the Little Kielbasa, "May we please take this delicious bone that you are not using?  My bunny friend and I are planning to make monkey chow pancakes!  You are welcome to join us, too, and bring those super delicious u-know-whats that you make that I like so much. You know, the ones you always bury in the special treasure box just for me. :) "

After letting Pussycat know what time the pancake party would begin, the Little Kielbasa and Strik left Pussycat and stopped by the bunny's garden.  "Should we have a bit of green salad with our pancakes?" asked Strik.  "Well, maybe," mumbled the Little Kielbasa as he tried to hold on to the bone they had just gotten.  "It sure would be tasty with a nice gummy worm dressing.  Oh snap! I forgot we do not have carrots..."

Uh oh, a salad with out carrots!  What will the Little Kielbasa and his bunny friend do now?  Find out tomorrow night and until then, poopie dreams! Good nitey nite my friends !! :) b


Lovable Lily said...

We really got to wait till tomorrow night to find out what happens? That's just torture I tell ya! Pure torture.....

Lily Belle & Muffin