Tuesday, April 9, 2013

baxter and duk duk's nitey nite bedtime tales: the little kielbasa helps a bunny (part 3)

Lucky for the Little Kielbasa and his new bunny friend, Strik knew just where to go to get some carrots.  After first stopping to drop off the things they had collected, they walked on to Strik's cousin's house on the farm.  "Knock knoooock! It's meeEEeee, your favorite cousin Stri-iiiiiik!" sing songed the bunny as he made his way into his cousin's hutch. "This is my new friend the Little Kielbasa and he is going to make super duper grade a stinkylicious monkey chow pancakes for everyone, and I am going to make a nice green salad.  It will be a party and everyone is invited.  Only we are out of carrots and I thought you guys could spare us some. I see  Farm Helper Kradsfignewton brought you guys some nice ones to-.... "  

Click!  The door to Strik's cousins' hutch snapped shut, trapping Strik, his cousins, and the delicious carrots inside.

"Ay de mi!" cried Strik. "Trapped like a bunny in a cage!  If I do not get out soon, all our plans will be in jeopardy because I have to be home by six to watch Bugs Bunny!" Strick turned to the Little Kielbasa, who had just let out a giant foofie and was disappointed that nobunny was close enough to his masterpiece to enjoy the subtle aromas of turkey, rawhide, and gummy worms that wafted about like a butterfly above a pretty yellow field of flowers. "I know! Hey, Little Kielbasa my new friend,  go fetch your friend Pussycat and tell him I'm trapped in the Bunny Hutch over at Farmer Wells' Farm.  Tell him to bring his gas mask and hurry!  Run, Little Kielbasa, run!

Oh Strik is in trouble now! Will the Little Kielbasa make it to Pussycat's in time to help Strik and the Litle Kielbasa throw their monkey chow pancake and green salad with carrots party in time so that Strik can get back home to watch Bugs Bunny?  Does Pussycat even have a gas mask and if he does not, will he pass out from the magnificient foofie cloud that the Little Kielbasa made that nobunny could appreciate because they were too far away?  Why is the Little Kielbasa so gassy??  If the answers do not come in your dreams tonight, then maybe you will find out tomorrow when we bring you the conclusion to our bedtime story.  Pleasant dreams and  nitey nite my friends! :)


Bludog said...

By the way, Google Translate does a pretty good job of providing an alternate version of this exciting bedtime epic. Apparently there is also a gravhunden (Dachshund) named "Strik" ("Work")in this story.

I dag har Lille Kanin aftalt at mødes med sin bedste ven, gravhunden Strik.

"Today, Little Rabbit agreed to meet with her best friend, dachshund Work."

I <3 Google Translate.