Wednesday, March 11, 2015

little stowaways

hee hee, duk duk, it was pure genius to transform ourselves into tiny toys so we could stow away with mom and madwilly on their vacation to the beach. who needs 2 make up snow days on your spring break when u can play in the sand, right?

u don't think mom will notice if we eat the sandwiches she packed, do u? :) :)


Bludog said...

I think your best chance of remaining unnoticed as stowaways is to NOT eat the sandwiches! have fun at the beach tiny bax and duk

Anonymous said...

Look at all those shells!!! Where on earth R you? Oh boy I would be scooping those up.

kalyxcorn said...

miss bludog, pretty sure sharks eat sanwiches too, don't they? :)

miss marene n penny, i think i heard mom say poopiesmell island. it was kind of heard to hear bc we were in the tote with the beach towels and sunscreen :)