Friday, March 13, 2015

poopiesmell island

dear diary,
although me and duk duk's stowaway spring break vacation to the beach with mom and madwilly was very short and now we will be on our way home shortly, at least it was very long in memories. i hope one day me and duk duk can pedal back 2 this beach for real, maybe inside a giant hamster ball because a) there were big dogs  b) we could walk on the water and float around c) me and duk duk could have a picnic inside and not worry about getting sand all over our gummy worms liek we did this time, and d) we would be protected from the eagles and ospreys that seem to like lurking about.  oh and the hamster ball would need an ez access panel bc i found out some people bait their crab traps with pig bones and the bones wash up to shore from time to time.  i am pretty sure the bones would be delicious because toy me saw a big dog snitch one while on a beach walkie and he was very disappointed that his mom told him he had to drop it.

anyhoo, before we leave the beach completely, me and duk duk hope 2 sneak off to the souvenir store today and get some saltwater taffy and some shark teeth and maybe if we are lucky, some sea glitter and manatee poop in a bottle for everybuddy back home.  and then we will be back on the road so be sure to check our instygram and facebooky  because i am pretty sure the drive back will be especially boring, especially since we will be packed in mom's canvas tote again since somedukkie forgot to pack our magic transformation potion. which is probably just as well because we are really hoping to be packed next to the stinky shell bucket.

b. :)


tuk tuk said...

Oh Baxter - pleeeze pleeeze pleeeze pleeeeeze say you'll share your mamtee poopie with us!! I don't know what a mamtee is, but I know my poopie!!