Monday, October 26, 2015

#tinylunch: fishs eddy :)

"ooOOOooOOOOoooOOOo!" the little dachshund exclaimed when he arrived at the lunchy lunch table that his mom had set for him.  Not only was today chunky chicken water day, but he could tell he was going to be served in the grandest of style. 
"i spy a new dishtowel tablecloth!" he squeed as he put his napkin his his collar, "printed with friends i do not either have 2 bark at or share with!"

The little dachshund's nose twitched as he examined the other new score he knew his mom must have gotten for him and his dad on her recent trip.  "why, it's a super cool dachshund shaped creamer in my second and a half favorite color, blue! and best of all, it's filled with chicken water!! well, mom, what are we waiting for, let's pour my water and get this chunky chicken party started!! :) :)"

(psst - in case u want to score these too, let your fingers do the walking and  clicky here  and here  #happyshoppingMonday


Jane said...

Baxter, that lovely dachshund creamer is exactly what you needed to compliment your chunky chicken water meal! That is a great find too. Thanks for sharing the link to it. I may have to get one even though Sambo has never tried chicken water.😃. My favorite color is blue which makes it more of a necessity. Enjoy your day!

Bludog said...

Hubby brought one home from NYC! He also brought home a set of "Heroes of the Torah" juice glasses - he couldn't resist them. I'm pretty sure I could have...

kalyxcorn said...

oh miss jane,sambo will love it (and especially so if u let him try chicken water from it. all u have to do is boil a boneless chicken breast with plan water, let it cool, and voila, chunky or not chunky chicken water!)

ha ha miss bludog, mom says u send a big boyfriend on an errand, but u can't even expect to know what else he might bring back! :)