Monday, December 2, 2019

front seat driver + doot news u can use

mom, can u please tell dad i would be happy 2  takeover the speed pedal so we can go faster?

 (ps do not forget cyber brown wednesday is this wednesday 12/4 at noon and nine pm
est! included in the doot will be 

1) our supercool new bimonthly calendar for 2020 which u can display either on your desk or wall with different types of hardware u can choose from, or u use your own. the calendar is available in two finishes and printed on extra heavy card stock. calendars ordered on cyber brown wednesday will also get a complimentary,  complementary Smello Friend butt print, printed in matte black on extra heavy cardstock. 

2) our new christmas in  handmade tiny book form , Rudolph the Brown Butt Reindeer.

3) our new smello friend weenie butt art print, available printed on extra heavy white cardstock in matte black or rustic finish metallic gold and brown  ( calendar orders on cyber brown wednesday will get a complimentary matte black one!)

4) four very special brown teeny weenie sleigh mecharamas thematically tied in with our Rudolph the Brown Butt Reindeer book. (more sleighs in red and green will doot hopefully mid december. ) sorry we do not yet have pictures of them finished bc we were busy entertaining family for thanksgiving, but needless 2 say they will be pooptastic. 

5) a limited amount of supercool handmade chiyogami dachshund ornaments :)

to focus on making the mecharamas we have not made any teeny weenie trees yet but we might be able to doot some when finish the red and green sleigh ones so please do stay tuned. :) 


Charlotte H said...

Wonderful doots! I hope to score on a Rudolph book! And other goodies!