Friday, February 26, 2010

the kitchen kielbasa: snowball truffles

Hey everybody, it's me, Baxter! Some of you may recognize me as your roving rover reporter, but today I'm Chumley Chowhound, your personal Kitchen Kielbasa, sharing yummy recipes that are sure to please even the pickiest of hounds. Now, with all the snow everybody has had lately, I thought it would be nice to share with you my new favorite wintertime treat, snowball truffles.

Snowball truffles are easy to make with the help of your humans. First, get a piece or two of kibble or your favorite treat. Then ask your human to get a handful of snow and have them stick the treat in the middle. Pack it up like a snowball and there you have it. A delicious, refreshing taste of winter with a tummy yummy center.

Now between you and me, I don't really eat the snow part, but hey, at least I got a treat and if a little snowball fun is all your human needs to get you your extra treat, why not ask for a snowball truffle today?

This is Chumley Chowhound, chowing out.


kalyxcorn said...

what a pleasant surprise, my dad installed wireless all by himself and so I posting today's post after all. today, a 12 hour drive to my grandfather's house. i am almost CERTAIN there won't be internet access there. thanks for all your comments - they're always so fun to read :)

Anonymous said...

It is with sheer relief that I read your comment! I wasn't sure how long I could go without my Baxter fix!

Frankie Furter said...

Hi Baxter. THANKS for the grrrreat recipe. I have plenty of both ingredients. I'm gonna give this a try ... right after my nap. I'm just sayin'. ZZZZZZZ

Anonymous said...

Hmm---this sounds like a great appetizer to the main course of twisted roast rawhide you showed us earlier this week!

Kate & Allie

Bludog said...

This is Honey here - Molly's GSD sister. I enjoy nibbling the snow on top of the planter which sits next to our front door. When I am waiting outside by the door to have my leash off, I love to eat the snowcone that piles up on the planter. But - wait - I could ask for kibbles in my snow! Thanks for the great idea Baxter!

Fernanda e Pink said...

Playing with snow? Will the Pink will do it one day ... hopefully!

Anonymous said...

Too bad it doesn't snow here but MAYBE once a year. However, Albert DOES eat the snow...go figure. Thanks for the recipe.
We will be thinking of your during passing of Uncle Ed.
Allison Schubert

kalyxcorn said...

well tons of snow here but no kielbasa to enjoy a truffle! spending the night at a super 8, driving the last 6 hours dressed in black tomorrow morning. what an adventure.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Baxter!
Sure is a great recipe... I have the kibble but... where I get the snow??
Kisses and hugs