Saturday, May 22, 2010

tags n wags

A tiny picnic lunch for the little kielbasa, his small reward for being such a patient little boy waiting inside while I bubble, bubble, toiled and troubled my way through another science sunday on the deck, making tags for precious Annie and irresistible Ike.

It's not very often really that I see Baxter reared up on his hind legs. By default, it seems our little boy is perfectly happy staying horizontal, save for the times when he's spied a squirrel in a tree. And that suits me just fine, when I think of all the trouble a little doxie can get into, just by rearing up on his stubby hindquarters. Digger, and the case of the missing porkchop. Kep, who could sit up on his hindquarters for hours if he wanted to, and the time he hurt his back trying, we think, to climb out of his confined space in the kitchen.

The knee high world. The level at which many a doxie might lose his way amongst all those lovely temptations, but I can only hope for tiny chumley, just a happy place to get an occasional picnic lunch.


Kerri said...

The tags look great! Minnie was, uh, rubenesque (more bratwurst than hot dog) and she could sit on her rump for the longest time -- the fat would slide down and she'd be like a little sausage doorstop.

cheyne923 said...

The tags are so great! I can't tell if they can hang from a collar but probably yes? Jeeves is eying them. Melinda and j

Agnes B Bullock said...

Ginger always does what we call "sit by self"- Mom always falls for it.

Ginger gave BAXTER an award!

Frankie Furter said...

ooooh Ginger gave you an Award???

Lorenza said...

Lovely picture, Baxter!
Like you, I preffer to stay horizontal!
The tags are pawesome!
Kisses and hugs

kalyxcorn said...

Oh I wish Kep and Minnie could have met! Dueling tripod doxies! :)

oh yes the tags are definitely for a collar, though I am looking for input on how big the hole really should be. Guess I should whip out the ruler and look at Baxter's tags!

Oooh an award! I am just getting back into town and trying to catch up so I can't wait til I am allowed to see what it is!! Thanks!! :) :)

Hi Frankie Furter & Lorenza!! :)

Annie's Mama said...

Annie just got her tags and they are even cooler than the picture can portray- thanks a bunch!! I'll send ya some pics, although you know how Annie feels about those!

kalyxcorn said...

so glad they are so cool! I just got a bunch more tools and can't wait to play some more!! :)