Tuesday, March 15, 2011

upstairs downstairs

The stairs, I think, must be every doxie's little Mount Everest. Something to be feared yet respected, and something that often ends up playing a role in every dachshund's story at one time or another in his or her life.

Stairs for our first dachshund Digger weren't particularly a problem in the time that I knew him,  but one ill timed jump while playing at the top of the stairs, and we watched him slide down the entire run of carpeted steps in our townhome like a little log being sent downriver.  Our hearts skipped many a beat watching him slide helplessly away from us, but luckily, pride was the only thing that was hurt that day.  It was that very event that helped us recognize the benefits of having a stairwell landing in our next home, so even if a doxie tumbled, they would never have very far to fall.

Stairs were something very new to pups Kep and Padua when we brought them home to our apartment.  Barely long enough to reach the top of each step on their tiny tippy toed paws, both boys quickly learned how to climb up the outdoor stairs to our second floor temporary abode, but downstairs was a different matter.  Fearless Kep learned how to galump downstairs as quickly as he did up, but sweet Padua needed a little guidance from Big Boyfriend, who taught him step by step, paw by paw, til finally puppy Padua built up the courage and rhythm needed to conquer the big scary stairs.  And soon, by the time we moved into the house we now live in, the boys would race up and down the stairs, often skipping a step or two in their never ending quest to best one another.

Baxter, knock on wood, has yet to make his own stair story.  Going up and down the stairs by himself is something we usually discourage tiny chumley from doing, but sometimes the little kielbasa is just too fast for us to catch and carry, especially after he's been home alone and he's anxious to account for everyone's return.   Darting out of the bedroom and blasting down like a porpoising rocket to greet everyone, and then rounding back up to get his kong toy to finish up the last of its peanut buttery goodness.  Even skipping a step or two in the process, like his brothers before him. sorry, no time to waste. can i take a raincheck for the stair rideys? cuz i've totally got places to go and things to do!


Mary Anne said...

We can totally relate to this story! As much as we try to discourage Kona from going up and down the stairs and up and down the couch, sometimes the little bugger is just way too fast! We're working on it... I promise :-)

Keren Hening said...

Remember this quote from Ed Viesturs, moutaineer and honorary dachshundist: "Climbing up is optional, getting down is mandatory." ;^)

Once Guinness' enthusiasm got the better of him at step #13 of 15. His descent was "ars over tea kettle," rather like a someone tied to a wheel and spinning while knives get thrown at it! He landed with a great plop, gathered up his little legs and his dignity, and shook himself thoroughly as if to say, "I'm fine. That was deliberate."

Pretty Nelli said...

Nelli hasn't shown any interest in climbing the stairs. But my apartment building has a spiral staircase and I guess the straight ones are easier to climb. So I carry her up and down.

Max the Quilt Cat said...

No steps in our condo, so no problem with the boys.... however they jump to the top of the china cabinet, so can't imagine they would have trouble with the stairs. You be careful on those steps, Baxter. We don't want you to have a tumble...

pawhugs, Max

Bludog said...

Molly is with Pretty Nelli on this - although we have "regular" stairs (not spiral), she has the human servants to carry her up and down. And she only goes up once - at night, and then I carry her down in the morning. In fact, she doesn't even get out of her bed in the morning; I have to walk over, pull her covers back, lift her up and carry her down, then place her gently on the couch and put her red blankie over her! She has me trained.

After the big dogs walk, she'll be up on the back of the couch looking out the picture window for us. I'll open the front door a crack, and out she comes like a rocket. Unless it's raining, of course... Or snowing... Or cold... Like I said, she has me trained ;-)

3 doxies said...

Stairs and doxies don't mix is what I has been told by mum...howevers, I ain't even allowed upstairs...fur reasons goin' back to house training. But Albert goes up theres and mum carries him up and down da stairs. Oh and we has a landing too. But hey we still jump all da time on and off da couch. Mum is hypocritical I think...hehehe.
Today is my Blogaversary and I wanted to come by and say THANK YOU furs steering me into da bloggie world! Dis would have nevers been possible without ya'll!


Lorenza said...

The stairs in my house are very scary... even for my mom!
She always carries me up and down!
I can see you almost flying there, Baxter!
Kisses and hugs

kalyxcorn said...

hee hee, o miss maryanne, sometimes us doxies are just way too fast to be stopped!!

whoo! i bet that was some sight! mom said she was laughing just thinking about it!

hee hee, miss bludog & pretty nelli, i always had u pegged as very good humans and now i know for sure!!

yay! Happy Blogiversary Puddles!

hmm, u r right lorenza! maybe i can fly practically everywhere now but i just never noticed it before!! :)

nighty night homies!! b